Fiction Fest: More from Mandy Madson Voisin’s ‘Star of Deliverance’

Star-of-Deliverance_web2x3Mandy Madson Voisin’s debut novel, “Star of Deliverance,” was released on Sept. 9, and its virtual blog tour got underway on Sept. 14. With two tour reviews so far, it seems the book is being received well.

“This is a great book that you won’t want to miss!” wrote this blogger, while the other gave it four out of five stars.

You can get your copy of “Star of Deliverance” in bookstores or from online retailers.


From the Author: In Star of Deliverance, Emi is a Savian healer, trained from a young age to provide medical services to her people. In this scene she has just saved Prince Corban’s life, thanks to her training.


As he was sewing, he bent his head close to mine. “Kijung leaves?” he whispered, too low for the others around us to hear. “You saved his life, you know.” I was beginning to feel a release from the shock and craned my neck to see the girls crowded around Prince Corban, his mother stepping back, tears still streaking her face. He was smiling, his hands motioning downward as if to assure them that he was fine, it was just a sting. Before I knew him I might have thought that he would act like he was the hero, relishing in the attention they gave him. Instead though I noticed his disinterest in their attention, scanning the crowd as though he were looking for someone.

Kirt wrapped my stitches in a bandage as I asked, “Is the Prince alright?”

Kirt smiled. “What do you think?” he asked, gesturing to the group of admirers. “I’d say he’s more than alright.” He pulled me close and in a low voice asked, “Larken, how did you know it was Floittles? And even more—that a Kijung would treat it?”

My pulse returned. How long would I have to lie to Kirt? I shrugged, my eyes wide. “I think I read it somewhere once.” He nodded, but the look on his face said that he didn’t believe me.

“Her treatment is complete,” he said to Hendrik, standing up and smoothing down his robes.

Hendrik offered me a hand up with my good arm. “You’ll ride ahead of the rest of the group with me, Larken. We want to get you to a safe place where you can rest. I’m sure you could use it.” I smiled gratefully, and allowed him to help me onto his horse, which would now carry two riders. My heart sunk in my chest. Gone were my hopes of escaping on the hunt. After what happened, I would never be left alone again. Kirt climbed on his as well, and the three of us rode through the forest, Hendrik cutting down branches in our path, and Kirt following closely behind.

Once we arrived at the rows of tents, a servant showed me to a private one, where I fell into a strange, disturbed slumber. As the sun blared down through the white canvas, I had the same dream repeatedly. I was in a black sand desert, the sky a brilliant forest green, and multiple moons dotted the sky like stars. Corban convulsed face down, his arms thrashing in the sand as though they were liquid—the waves of the ocean. I waded through waist-high sand to reach him. But when I went to turn him around, it was Cen’s face, motionless, looking up at me instead.