Fiction Fest: More from Erik Olsen’s ‘Quest and Honor’

Quest and Honor_2x3Book 4 of Erik Olsen’s Flin’s Destiny series is titled “Quest and Honor” and will hit the market on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013.

Flin just can’t win. He can’t escape the underground world without helping the evil Blade escape as well. He can’t save Clover Cavern and the leprechauns without suffering from a troll curse or dying in battle. But he’s going to try anyway. Readers of all sizes will enjoy Flin’s latest story of bravery and sacrifice.

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Flin hustled back to the Time Continuum Cavern. He leaned his torch against the wall then trudged into the mud and began picking up boulders and debris that had fallen.

“Strange, these boulders aren’t as heavy as I remembered,” he said picking up a fairly hefty rock and placing it out of the way. He studied his orange troll hands, “Hm, must have something to do with the fact that I’m a troll now,” he said thinking at least one good thing had come from it.

He removed the boulders until he had made a tunnel out of the rocks just big enough for him to crawl through. He entered the room and removed the wreckage obstructing the Time Continuum receptacle.

“Yes, now I just need to go and get the Time Glass and put it back in its place.” He climbed out of the cavern and started looking for the jog out where he had placed the Time Glass. “Where is it? I swear I put it right here,” he said frustrated, kicking at a stone which shot down the tunnel and out of sight. “Parcell!” Flin said accusingly. “He must have followed me and taken it!” Just then there came a flash of light against the burrow wall in the obscure shadows. “Oh . . . there it is!” He ran to it. “Now, let’s put you back in your place.” He got down on his hands and knees and crawled through the tunnel with the Time Glass tucked under his arm until he neared the niche in which the glass was missing. “Alright, here we go,” he said lifting it into the air. “What’s this?” he said noticing a crack in the glass where a couple of drops of red liquid had seeped out.

Flin slid his index finger across the glass, gathering up the red liquid, then went and grabbed his knapsack and slid the couple of drops into a hollowed out reed he’d been using for a drinking straw. He bent the edges of the reed up to preserve the liquid then slid it back into his bag.

“Here we go,” he said apprehensively as he slid the Time Glass between the two brass poles.

Immediately the fluid in the top portion of the Time Glass lit up a brilliant bright red and began to bubble. Abruptly, the ground under Flin’s feet started to quake, tossing him to the floor, accompanied by a deathly shriek from within the earth that trembled Flin to the very core. A massive bolt of lightning shot up and out of the misty black pool below and sent out multiple branches of the lightning bolts throughout the connecting chambers shattering any obstructing debris within the tunnels above. Moments later the Time Continuum Room was functioning back to normal. Flin walked over and looked down into the black pool below. A drop of red fluid traveled through the funnel turning it black then descended into the black pool sending an enormous surge of energy up and through the chambers.

“Yes, YES! I DID IT!” he screamed cheerfully.