Fiction Fest: Last preview of Lezlie Anderson’s ‘Snow Angels’

Snow Angels 2x3 WEBLezlie Anderson’s “Snow Angels” is one of our Christmas products–and 2014 Christmas Fiction Writing Contest winners–that is sure to warm your heart. This booklet is available in bookstores and from online retailers.


“Hey Mark! You should make a snow angel,” Sarah kicked some snow on her brother. Mark looked up at her and eagerly began moving his arms and legs in an angel pattern.

“How does it look?” he asked.

“Good… but I can make a bigger one!” Sarah flopped down in the snow next to Mark and began making an angel of her own. Nathan was quick to follow. Soon the three children were laughing as each tried to make the best angel.

Mom and Dad watched in stunned silence. Dad took Mom’s hand, giving it a squeeze. They watched all three of the kids playing together and happy. There is hope after all! Mom glanced toward the house when movement caught her eye.

“Let’s go!” She whispered loudly. “We’ve been spotted!” Everyone grabbed their snow shovels and took off running up the street and around the corner. Sarah hid behind a snow covered bush with Nathan, peeking back at Mrs. Garcia’s house. The porch light turned on and the frail old woman stepped out into the cold.

A silent moment passed then a breeze floated past carrying their neighbor’s soft words: “Thank you, Snow Angels.” The family watched as Mrs. Garcia turned and went back into her home.

“I’m an angel,” Mark giggled. “You said I’d never be an angel, Sarah!”