Fiction Fest: Last free peek at Jennifer Holt’s ‘Discovering Peace’

Discovering-Peace-2x3Today starts our third and final round of Fiction Fest excerpts for March, but don’t fret, there will be more from our April titles next month!

Today’s spotlight shines on Jennifer Holt’s “Discovering Peace,” which was released on March 11.

“I love how this book gives wonderful insights into both the birth mother and adoptive parents thoughts and feelings on their new journeys,” wrote Emmy Mom, who participated in the book’s blog tour.

“My heart has been deeply touched with this book,” added Shauna Wheelwright, also a blog tour participant.

Don’t take our word for it, keep reading to get a taste of how good this book really is.


It’s been nearly three years since Olivia and Michael adopted Hope. Olivia is frustrated that they haven’t had any success in being able to add more children to their family.  In this scene, Olivia is trying to put away the Halloween decorations, and Hope is holding onto a small glass witch and won’t give it to her mom. 

“No! I won’t put her away!”

Olivia sighed. Hope would be three in a couple of months, but right now she was in the middle of the terrible twos. It seemed that everything was a fight these days.

“Sorry, Hope. Halloween is over and it’s time to put her away until next year.”

Hope clung tightly to the glass witch. “No!” Olivia reached down to take it from her and Hope jumped away shouting, “No, no, no, no, no!”

“Hope!” Olivia’s raised voice caught Hope’s attention, and Olivia scooped her daughter up and tried to pry the witch out of her hands.

“Mommy, no!” Hope squealed again and jerked her hand back. The witch flew out of both of their hands and crashed onto the tile kitchen floor, exploding to pieces.

Hope started to cry as she yelled, “You broke her, Mommy!”

Olivia fought her own tears back as she carried Hope down the hall to her bedroom. She set Hope down in her crib and said, “You need to wait here until I get that mess cleaned up.”

Hope flopped down on her belly and started to cry even louder.

Olivia walked out of the room and stood staring at the shattered witch before bending over to pick up a few of the bigger pieces of glass. One of the pieces pierced Olivia’s finger and she let go of it as a large drop of blood appeared. It didn’t hurt, but it was more than she could take. Olivia grabbed a paper towel to wrap her finger in and sat down on the living room couch. She put her face in her hands and started to cry.

“No wonder God won’t give me any more children. I can’t even handle the one little girl I have.”

They had been trying to adopt again for over two years now, and it was hard to be patient. A couple of her friends who had had babies around the same time Hope was born had already gotten pregnant and given birth again. Olivia was really working at being happy for them.

From the very first time Olivia held Hope in her arms, she’d known they were meant to be a family, and she loved her more than she had ever dreamed possible. It was also harder being a mom than she ever imagined, and she was starting to wonder if her parenting flaws were the reason that they weren’t being blessed with another child. The fact that she had no control over the number of children in her family and when—or if—they might arrive was hard to swallow, and it made these moments of tears and tantrums that much more difficult.

“Mommy! You coming?” Hope yelled from her bedroom.

Olivia took a deep breath and wiped the blood from her finger.

“Just a minute, Hope,” she called. She found the broom and swept the glass into a pile, but she couldn’t seem to stop her tears. As she dumped the witch rubble into the trash can she said, “I’m doing the best I can. That’s all I can do.” Then she washed her hands, wiped her eyes, and headed down the hallway to try again.