Fiction Fest: Last free excerpt from Shauna V. Brown’s ‘Because of Love’

Because of Love 2x3 WEBHalloween’s just a few days away, so that means Christmas will be here before we know it! Shauna V. Brown’s “Because of Love” has been on the market since Oct. 14, and is a great read to put you in the holiday spirit. Don’t be a Grinch, go buy a copy!

Here’s a little slice of the novella to help you get excited about the book.

You’re welcome.


“You need more ribbons?” Byron asked, a bit surprised.

“More ribbons?” I echoed his words. “I think we have every color that we need.”

“We need matching ribbons, so we can use them on our shoes. We could lace them up pretty,” Sadie said demonstrating with a pale blue ribbon atop one of her boots. ”It could make such a difference.”

Josephine giggled, “It looks silly Sadie.”

“Father, we need– “

“Stop right there, Sadie Brown!” said Byron, interrupting. He then shot her a small smile. “I do like your creativity. But your definition of need, and my definition of need might be very different. When my feet were bleeding as we crossed the plains, I needed shoes desperately. I remember the day old Brother Packer died on the trail. They removed his boots when they buried him. I watched them take the boots off his feet. I asked the captain if I might have them. The captain informed me that Sister Wilcox needed them more than a young, healthy boy. I remember I cried for a long time.”

The girls stood silent. Then Byron added, “Right now I think you believe your need is to look good. Trust me, Sadie, you can be as clever as you like, adding ribbons or lace, but until your shoes wear out or you find some way to buy your own, I will have no more discussion about shoes. New fancy shoes are not in the Brown budget.”

Almost instantly, Sadie excitedly said, “Father, you just said that if we find some way to earn money for them, then we can get new shoes!”

It was apparent that Sadie’s mind was a blizzard of merging thoughts. “I could grow pumpkins and sunflowers in the far field, Father. I could get Jenna Smart to teach me how to weave straw hats and sell them. What do you think?”

“Me, too!” joined in Ida, catching the vision. “Maybe I can iron shirts or mend clothing or tend children. I’m old enough.”     “What do you think I could do, Father?” asked Josephine, stepping closer and bouncing up and down before his face. “I want to work for my shoes too!”