Fiction Fest: July excerpts finish up with Heather Frost’s ‘Guardians’

Guardians_2x3As July slowly melts its way into our memories, we’d like to give you one last free peek into Heather Frost’s “Guardians,” the thrilling end to the “Seers” trilogy. After this, you’ll have to buy the rest of the book to find out how it all ends!

“Guardians” was released on July 9, 2013, and is available in bookstores and on,, and

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Kate has just been captured by a Demon bounty hunter at the high school. She followed him out to the parking lot because he’s threatened to kill her sisters—who his partner has eyes on—if she resists. Patrick is already in class, unaware of what’s happening to her. Kate has just decided that her sisters will still be in danger, even if she allows herself to be captured, and so she makes her move to escape.

His grip loosened subtly as he reached in his pocket for the keys. I made my move at that moment, anticipating this would be my best chance. I slammed my heel into the top of his foot, almost grinding down. He gasped in surprised pain, but before he could tighten his fingers around my arm, I was jerking through his weak point—where his thumb met with the other fingers.

I ducked and started to run. I heard him yell behind me and curse loudly, then he was coming after me. Clumsily at first, but picking up speed.

“You’ve just killed one of your brat sisters!” he cried out harshly.

But I didn’t stop. I dived between two parked cars in one of the middle rows. I weaved between some, but he was sliding across hoods and moving a lot faster than I was now. He was going to overtake me in seconds, unless something turned the tables.

My backpack slapped against my back annoyingly, but I didn’t dare spare the second it would take to shrug out of it. My head was ducked, watching my feet so I wouldn’t trip over them or anything else. I almost skidded into one of the parked cars in front of me, but I was able to catch myself with two well-placed palms. At my rocking touch, the car shivered and a responding alarm rent the air.

There was another panted curse behind me—closer than I wanted to realize. A car away? Maybe two? I gasped evenly for air and continued to dart madly toward the school. What other choice did I have? My legs pumped furiously, but I knew it wasn’t going to be enough. No way could I continue to outrun him—even with his hurt foot, he was going to catch me. For the first time, I worried about what he would do when he had me in his power again. That fear was enough to propel me forward, but it wouldn’t last for long.

I felt his fingers grope at my bag. I tried to put on a last burst of speed, but it was no good. He clutched my backpack and the resulting tug was enough to jerk me back against his chest, making us both stagger to an awkward stop. My shoulders felt like they’d been yanked out of their sockets, and I knew I’d have the burning welts for days to come. If I lived that long.

I cried out, simply because there was no way to hold it in. He’d regained his balance. In a sweeping motion that was graceful in its simplicity, he had one hand around my throat, the other slamming my shoulder against the side of a nearby car.

I was already struggling to breathe after my futile run, but his chokehold had me straining for the thinnest tendril of air. My lungs were on fire in seconds, and my bulging eyes watered.

My vision seemed to rattle, and then my eyes focused on some movement beyond his hulking shoulder. I could barely believe what I was seeing. It was too wonderful to possibly be true.

Patrick was coming toward me at full speed, a knife gripped tightly in one fast pumping fist. He was several long yards away but closing the distance inhumanly fast.

But I’d made the kind of dumb mistake so many damsels in distress do. By staring at him, allowing my eyes to widen revealingly, the Demon was aware that something was coming from behind.

He glanced over his shoulder—surprised to see how quickly Patrick was coming—and then he was moving too. Or rather, he was moving me.

One second I was looking at Patrick—watching his eyes as they flashed with fear—then I was being shoved aside. I didn’t really understand that he was knocking my head against the side mirror of the car until after the fact. All I felt was the horrific crack my head made as it connected forcefully with the plastic top of the mirror, and then his strangling fingers were gone and I was falling to the ground.