Fiction Fest: Final peek at Erik Olsen’s ‘Quest and Honor’

Quest and Honor_2x3If you’re in the neighborhood of the Ream’s in Springville, Utah, stop by on Friday, Nov. 22, from 5-8 p.m. to get Flin’s Destiny author Erik Olsen to sign a copy of his books.

If you’re not in the neighborhood of the Springville Ream’s, then take solace in knowing you can keep reading for one last preview of Olsen’s latest book, “Quest and Honor,” which is the fourth installment in the Flin’s Destiny series and was released on Nov. 12, 2013. You can get your copy in bookstores or from online retailers.


Smoke billowed out of Naja’s Den; he made his way over and cautiously entered; his eyes immediately started to burn from what looked like rotten potatoes that had been thrown on top of the fire causing it to nearly go out.

“Naja . . . I wonder where she could be?”

He placed the Began Stone against the den wall where it couldn’t be seen then walked over to her stone table and looked over his shoulder to make sure the coast was clear.

“What does she keep back here?” he said rummaging through the belongings she had in a bundle hidden on the dirt floor. “There’s nothing good here.” He glanced around the den and spotted the bear skin rug hanging over what looked like it might be an entrance to somewhere. “That’s right, she tried to keep me from going behind that animal fur. I wonder what she’s trying to hide?” he mumbled as he once again cautiously crept over and pulled back the bear pelt and stepped inside.

An icy breeze greeted him and ruffled back his troll fur as it traveled down a narrow hallway then vanished into the dark obscure lighting at the back of the corridor. Flin could see bowls stacked between the gaps in the rocks with glowing substances of all colors in them. He gave one a sniff, almost causing him to instantaneously vomit.

“What is that, rubbish?” he rubbed his bulbous, dangling nose, trying to clear it from the putrid odor. He took a few steps further in and spotted something sending off numerous sparkles on the walls and ceiling. He snatched it up. It was jagged and heavy and about the size of a disfigured volleyball.

“Hey, is this what I think it is?” he rushed to the bearskin and pulled it back to let a little firelight flicker on the subject. “It is, it’s the Crystal Ball.”

Quickly he took the Crystal Ball back into the den where he could see it better and placed it on the table. He stared into the chipped crystal for a brief second when suddenly it lit up and in its center it showed him of just hours earlier of him pulling the Bega Stone out of Xanthis’ eye and then the giant cobra instantly had gone limp. Flin watched intently as it showed him running through the tunnels headed for Naja’s, then curiously entering her den, to the present time.

“Wow, that was amazing! Crystal Ball, can you show me the way out?” he said sitting down into one of the rock chairs; the Crystal Ball went dark. “Crystal Ball, can you show me when our bus crashed into the earth?” instantly the disfigured crystal lit up, showing him the past as if he were watching a movie. “Crystal Ball, can you show me my Great, Great, Great Grandfather Hovgard Newby when he was down here?” The ball changed scenes showing him the boat as it crashed into the anemone, and out came his Great Grandfather Hovgard and his wife Lollie, along with over a dozen other people. Keenly, Flin stared into the ball, seeing Hovgard and Lollie for the first time as they too found themselves trapped deep in the earth under the anemone.

“They’re young, much younger than I thought they’d be.” Flin could see several of the leprechauns around him that he recognized, Fezzy, Froggit, Inger and Heppel as well as many others. He became excited about the prospects.

“Crystal Ball, can you show me how my Great Grandfather Hovgard got out?” The panorama of the crystal again changed; there was Hovgard back in the cathedral, up in one of the bedrooms with his belongings over his shoulder. He had a demeanor of sadness. Flin stared into the globe, watching Hovgard’s lips as they repeatedly said Lollie’s name, and tears flooded his eyes. Flin wrapped his hairy hands around the base of the precious crystal. Hovgard made his way down the cathedral stairs, then over to the moonrock in the middle of the Entrance Hall where he placed a red rose on top of the stone then stroked it causing it to illuminate the flower’s silhouette high up on the ceiling above. Hovgard’s lips again cried out, Lollie. Moments later Hovgard got up and made his way over to the fireplace. Carefully Flin stared into the ball, watching Grandfather’s every move, waiting to see where Hovgard would exit.

“NO!” came a crashing shrill from the entrance of the den. It was Naja. Before Flin realized what was happening Naja’s large troll hand slapped the Crystal Ball out of his hands causing it to fall from the table and crash to the floor, chipping off another little piece of the stone.

Flin stood befuddled while Naja abruptly huffed her way over to her seat.

“Well, don’t just stand there, go and get the wood I gathered up for the fire,” she demanded, pointing outside the den.

“What?” Flin said confused as he ogled at her dirty matted hair and disgustingly soil stained hands as she placed them on the table as if she were waiting to be served.

“You heard me; you knew what the deal was—and you broke it!” she took a few calming breaths and regained some composure. “Now—come here, my love,” she said in what Flin assumed was supposed to be a charming voice patting the chair next to her, and making Flin very nauseous. “You are a troll, and not only a troll you are, but my troll, to be with me for always and forever,” she said letting out a slight cackle and then stuck her filthy hand in her mouth and pulled out a green stem from an onion she had been eating earlier and placed it back in her mouth and began to chew.

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