Fiction Fest: Final freebie from ‘The Gathering’

Gathering, The 2x3 webThey say all good things must come to an end, and such is the case for the free previews we’ve been giving you of Randy Lindsay’s “The Gathering: End’s Beginning,” which was released on Jan. 14. If you want more of the story, you’ll have to buy the book.

The novel follows the lives of the Williams family as they struggle not only to maintain their faith, but to also survive the foretold calamities and disasters that lead up to Jesus Christ’s second coming.

“The events leading up to the Second Coming will be filled with trials and tribulations of a type that will be unfamiliar to most of us,” said Lindsay, who felt inspired to write the book. “My purpose for writing this story is to give people courage and hope during the time of troubles that lies ahead.”

“The Gathering: End’s Beginning” is available in bookstores and from online retailers.


Calvin McCord is the only point-of-view character that is not a member of the Williams family. He is serving as the Secretary of State and has uncovered a plot to throw the United States into another Civil War. In this excerpt, he is meeting with one of his intelligence sources.

A hand grabbed Calvin by the shoulder and dragged him into the still dim alley. Before he could react, another hand clamped down over his mouth.

“It’s me,” Kyle Dalton whispered in his ear. “Keep it quiet.”

Calvin nodded and the hands released him.

“What is wrong with you?” Calvin hissed at his friend. A few deep breaths and the sledge hammers pounding against his chest started to slow down. “If you wanted to kill me there are more reliable methods.”

“I couldn’t take the chance that we’d be seen together.” Kyle leaned towards the mouth of the alley and checked the area nearby. Then he grasped Calvin’s elbow and pulled him into the early morning shadows.

“You’re spooking me, Kyle.”

“Good. Then I won’t be the only one sleeping with one eye open.”

“I’m guessing this isn’t about you getting your butt chewed out for talking to someone on the wrong side of the political divide.”

“Ohhh,” Kyle groaned. “I’d welcome that right now.”

“Enough of the drama,” Calvin’s voice started to rise. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“The Russians captured the pipeline.”

“They invaded the Ukraine?”

“Not according to them. They’re keeping this pretty quiet, but our agents over there expect the Russians to claim they moved forces in to protect the pipeline from terrorist activities.”

“Does Boggs know?” Calvin asked.

“Of course he knows. Anything the CIA knows, he knows.”

“Any idea what he’s planning to do about it?”

“Nothing.” Kyle nearly shouted the response. He glanced toward the mouth of the alley as two men walked past. They continued along without noticing the discussion taking place in the shadows. Kyle exhaled loudly and continued. “I’m not supposed to know. And I’m not supposed to know that Boggs has ordered this to be buttoned up tight. He doesn’t want anyone to know.”

“Something as big as this can’t be swept under a rug. If our guys know it happened then the Chinese know about it, the Germans know about it, and probably half the intelligence agencies in Europe know about it. What does Boggs hope to gain by sticking his head in the sand?”

“You got me. Maybe one of your FBI buddies can fill you in on Boggs’ motives. Except, I bet they haven’t been told.”

“What is that idiot waiting for?” asked Calvin. “This is the opening salvo for another war in Europe. We can’t wait for Russia to deliver their ultimatum to the EU before we do something about this.”

“Wish I could help you, Cal. The agency will stick me in a deep hole if they find out I supplied you with this information. Not only that, but I think the Russian espionage network has been fully ramped up; Washington included.”

“Any sleepers in your department?” Calvin asked.

“Maybe. We have a fair number of former Soviet agents that supposedly sold their allegiance to us. I’m not naïve enough to wonder if any of them are still loyal to Russia. I just wonder how many. “

A car passed by at the end of the alley. Kyle ducked behind a nearby dumpster. When nothing else happened he turned back to Calvin.

“I don’t know if this situation has me imagining things, or not, but I thought I caught someone tailing me earlier today.”

“Meeting me has put you in danger from Boggs and the Russians.”

“Not just me. You’ve been pretty vocal about this whole thing.”

“I’ll be sure to keep my guard up.”

“Sure.” Kyle’s body seemed to deflate. “I don’t think I can feed you any more information. Good luck, Cal.”

“Stay safe.” Calvin reached out and grasped Kyle by the shoulders, gave a firm squeeze, and then turned and left the alley.

Calvin stopped before he exited onto the sidewalk He examined the street in both directions and deciding it was clear resumed his trek to his office.