Fiction Fest: Erik Olsen’s ‘Quest and Honor’ ushers in November previews

Quest and Honor_2x3“Quest and Honor” is the fourth book in Erik Olsen’s Flin’s Destiny series, which was born from the author’s run-in with a habanero chile pepper.

Olsen ate one of the spicy delicacies while on vacation and got severely sick from the experience. As he suffered from the after effects, he had a strange, elaborate dream that gave birth to the Flin’s Destiny series.

“Cobble Cavern,” “Garden of the Lost Souls,” and “Raggleroot” are the first three books in the series and are available in bookstores and from online retailers.

“Quest and Honor” is scheduled for release on Nov. 12, 2013, but can be pre-ordered right now from online retailers.

“Quest and Honor” EXCERPT:

“Shut up, Newby! Don’t tell me what to do!” Parcell raised the goblet to his mouth and commenced choking down the vile substance. When he finished he lowered the cup and stared at his hands. “Nothing’s happening?”

“Just give it a second.”

“LET’S GO, NOW!” barked Blade.

Just then Parcell’s body began to shake spastically about. His eyes rolled back into his head and he looked as if he were going into convolutions. His body started to shrink back into his sixteen year old frame. The skirt of his coat now touched the dirt ground and then slid off of his shoulders. Parcell opened his eyes.

“Yes! It worked!” he hollered looking down at his now young hands. “Too bad you get nothing! Did you really think I was going to give you anything, ha!” he laughed in Flin’s face, then looked down with great pleasure at his now youthful hands.

There was a slight delay between the two potions, but then Parcell’s body started to twitch and he began to let out uncontrollable moaning sounds.

Flin made eye contact with a disturbed looking Blade and raised his hands in the air and pointed at Parcell. He hollered so that Blade and his men could hear, “So Parcell, if you will not turn around and go back, then I shall have to turn you into a troll . . .!”

Suddenly the winds came crashing down from the sky, like an invisible arm that wrapped Parcell up in a ferocious whirlwind.

“What, what’s this? What’s happening!” screamed Parcell reaching out at Flin futilely as thick brown dust engulfed him.

Blade and his men stepped back and watched the horrific sight. Soon the brown cylinder that engulfed Parcell turned vomit green. The whirlwind lasted close to a minute. Then as quickly as it had come on, it vanished away and the dust settled around him. Parcell stood stunned; he raised his green fury hands to his face.

“What—A Troll? No! This, this can’t have happened! I can’t be a, a TROLL!!!! NOOOooo . . .!!!!” Suddenly his bodied began to twist and jerk beyond his control, as if a giant magnet were pulling at him from behind. “Stop! STOP!!!!!” he roared, fighting and trying to resist his legs from walking backwards by some unseen power. But to no avail as he continued to back further and further away from the cathedral.

“Where are you going?” shouted Blade at the peculiar behavior of Parcell the troll as he dwindled further away.

But Parcell gave no response, he was too caught up in his own quandary.

“Parcell! Tell me where the exit to the surface is! PARCELL . . .!!!” yelled Blade.

Parcell glanced up at Blade as he fought to regain control of his body, but his legs one at a time continued to step backwards against his will.         “No! If I don’t get to go to the surface, no one will!” Parcell shouted back.

“Tell me, I paid you in advance with gold!”

No! NEVER . . .!!!spat Parcell, disappearing down the path and into the thick meadow trees that led to the connecting burrows. Parcell’s last word could beard heard as he entered the tunnel which led to Naja’s den, “NOOOooooooo!!!!” his venomous vicious voice fade out into a foreboding silence that had Blade and his men a bit bewildered.