Fiction Fest: Another free peek at Jennifer Holt’s ‘Discovering Peace’

Discovering-Peace-2x3Jennifer Holt, author of “Discovering Peace,” is no stranger to the adoption process, having adopted two children while battling infertility and a difficult pregnancy that resulted in her youngest son being born three months prematurely.

“After facing infertility and struggling for a number of years to bring children into my family, I felt a real drive to write about infertility and adoption in a very honest way,” said Holt. “This began in my first book, ‘Delivering Hope,’ and I continued it in ‘Discovering Peace.’ I think it’s important to realize that we all have things in our lives that are difficult, but that there is always hope and peace available through Jesus Christ.”

“Discovering Peace” is available in bookstores and from online retailers.


Ally and her roommates Shaylan and Holly have been going to all of the BYU football games with two guys, Riley and Damon.  Riley has previously asked Ally out, but Ally turned him down – even though she likes him and is attracted to him – because she’s afraid that when he learns about Hope he will reject her.  They continue to see each other because Holly and Damon have started dating.  This scene is at the end of one of the football games they’ve all attended.

With under a minute to go in the game, BYU was ahead by four points and the defense stopped their opponent on a third and six. They had no choice but to go for it on fourth down, and the crowd went crazy. Everyone was stomping their feet and yelling.

In the midst of the student section, Ally and Riley joined in on the jumping up and down and cheering at the top of their lungs. The ball was snapped and the quarterback started running.

He faked a pitch, but none of BYU’s defensive players were fooled, and they sacked him for a loss. The game was over! The entire stadium erupted, and in the celebration, the guy seated behind Ally lost his balance and almost fell, catching himself against Ally’s shoulder. His elbow smacked the back of her head, and Ally saw stars. The force knocked her into Riley, and their momentum forced them to the bench. Ally landed right in Riley’s lap where he caught her and wrapped his arms around her protectively.

The embarrassed offender mumbled an apology that Ally barely heard. She felt her face warm as Riley studied every inch of her face. She couldn’t bring herself to move.

“Are you okay?” he whispered.

She started to answer, but the words caught in her throat. His eyes were so sincere, so caring that she could almost believe that he was interested in her, and more important, still would be—even if he knew about Hope. Almost.

Her heart pounding, Ally tried to sit up. Riley loosened his arms a bit, but didn’t let her go. “Is your head okay?”

Not trusting her voice, Ally just nodded. She pulled her gaze away from Riley’s face and realized that everyone in the immediate area was watching her.

“Are you sure, Ally?” Shaylan said, frowning. “That looked bad.”

“It’s okay,” Ally said. “I’m fine.” She made a quick movement to sit up and found her nose inches from Riley’s. He didn’t move away. Instead, he slowly traced one hand up Ally’s back, finally pulling her stocking cap off. His fingers moved through her hair as he gently found the lump forming on the back of her head.

The bleachers were as crowded as ever and the celebrating continued all around them, but everyone disappeared as Ally absorbed the feel of his hands in her hair. “You’d better get some ice on this,” he said. Ally nodded but couldn’t find her voice. He searched her face for several more seconds before Ally cleared her throat and pulled away. Riley dropped his hand and passed Ally her hat. She quickly put it on and pushed her way through the mass of people, disappearing before Riley knew what was happening.

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