Fiction Fest: A peek at Lezlie Anderson’s ‘Snow Angels’

Snow Angels 2x3 WEBLezlie Anderson’s “Snow Angels” is one of our 2014 Fiction Writing Contest winners. Her pamphlet, “Snow Angels,” will be released on Oct. 14, but is available for pre-order on and Amazon right now.

About the pamphlet:
A winter storm, a family, and an idea for a service project all add up to a delightful Christmas surprise! When Mom and Dad suggest serving their neighbors for the holiday, their kids can’t stop grumbling. But as they secretly shovel snow, their attitudes change, and soon the parents can’t get the kids to stop serving. Share the joys of serving others in this wonderful Christmas pamphlet.


“Mark!” Mom called from the bottom of the staircase. “Put the tablet away and join us now!”

She heard the sound of stomping feet, and then seven-year-old Mark came into view. “Why? All we do is fight during family night.”

Mom’s shoulders stiffened, and her eyes narrowed as she watched Mark sail past her. “Well, I’m hoping tonight will be different,” she said.

Mom turned around and walked into the living room where her husband and two other children were waiting.

“About time, dork,” Sarah muttered.

“Kids!” Dad stood up. “Let’s get started. Sarah, will you say a prayer?”

“Pray that this is fast,” Nathan said under his breath. “I want to watch my show.”

Mom shook her head and waited for a grumbled prayer from twelve-year-old Sarah. Why is family night such torture? she thought to herself. Is it so bad to be with our family? After the short, muttered prayer, Dad stood again.