Fiction Fest: A free helping of Caleb Warnock’s and Betsy Schow’s ‘Trouble’s on the Menu: A Tippy Canoe Romp’

Troubles on the Menu_2x3Welcome to today’s edition of Fiction Fest, where we spotlight the high-quality titles and authors that make up Sweetwater Books, an imprint of Cedar Fort Publishing & Media!

Authors Caleb Warnock and Betsy Schow have teamed up to write “Trouble’s on the Menu: A Tippy Canoe Romp,” which was released on April 9, 2013.

Warnock, an accomplished cookbook and gardening author, and Schow, a successful self-help author, aren’t exactly who you would expect a work of fiction from.Be that as it may, that’s precisely what happened.


A brawl broke out, and the media ate it up, cameras rolling.

Several long minutes passed before Deputy Greathouse and Lieutenant Oster got some semblance of control of the crowd.

“Now hold up just a minute,” Oster shouted. “I said hold up, now! Just let’s get a look at ourselves. This isn’t the way to act, no matter how we, er, you feel about the governor and his politics. Keep it up, and I’m going to have to arrest the lot of you for inciting a riot.”

“Well,” Tidewater said, dusting himself off and using his pocket handkerchief to dab the slow, bloody drip from his nose. “Do your duty, officers.”

Taken aback, Greathouse and Oster just stared at the governor.

“Arrest him,” Tidewater said, pointing to Marc. “He assaulted a sitting governor. Arrest him.”

Deputy Greathouse looked from the governor, to his son, to Lieutenant Oster, and back to the governor.

“I said, arrest him.”

Both Greathouse and Oster looked thunderstruck and uncomfortable with the position they found themselves in.

“Oh, go on, Dad,” Marc said. “Handcuff me. I got him square in the nose, after all. I’m not looking for any favors.”

“I’ll be darned””he’s your dad.” The governor snorted a laugh. “Well, go on. Cuff your loudmouth son. No favoritism, now. Do your duty to the law, deputy.”

Moving mechanically, Deputy Greathouse did as he was ordered. When the handcuffs were in place, Tidewater sidled up to Marc, speaking just low enough so only Marc could hear.

“Arrested by your own pa. This backwater’s more backward than I’d heard. But hear this . . . there will be repercussions for this little stunt. Both for your beloved Tipsy Canoe and for you personally.”