Fiction Fest: A free preview of Rebecca Jamison’s ‘Emma: A Latter-day Tale”

Emma 2x3Rebecca Jamison’s “Emma: A Latter-day Tale” hit the market earlier this week and we couldn’t be happier! And so should you be!

That’s why we’re here to share in the joy of the occasion by letting you sample a bit of the book, which is available in bookstores and on,, and

Coaches aren’t just for athletes any more. Average Americans are using coaches to help them with relationships, weight loss, career development, and many other areas. One coach has even found her way into a Jane Austen retelling. “Emma: A Latter-day Tale” is a romantic comedy about a life coach who gets a little carried away.


Emma isn’t much for skiing, but she’ll go anywhere with Hank Weston. That’s how she ends up at the ski resort. Even though Hank thinks it’s a bad idea, Emma insists that they take along Jena Farley, their mutual friend who’s become a famous country singer. In this scene, Emma, Jena, and Hank have just gotten away from a crowd of Jena’s fans. Now they’re on the ski lift, and Emma’s afraid of heights.

Pretty soon, Hank and I sat with Jena on the ski lift, safely tucked behind the restraining bar. “Now that we’re alone,” Hank said, “I’ll tell you my plan for getting out of here. I figured out there’s a parking lot at the bottom of this run. While you two were dealing with fans, I gave my keys to Harri. She and Justin are bringing my car around there. All we have to do is get away from these people.”

I looked at the lift seats in front of us and the seats behind us. They were all filled with Jena’s fans. “I don’t see how we’re going to get away from them.”

Hank lifted the safety bar. “The only way to make it work is if we get off in the middle. Most of these kids aren’t going to have the guts to jump off after us.”

I stared at the ground below us. We were at least eight feet up, maybe nine.

“Follow my lead,” Hank said, turning his body around in the seat. “This is as close to the ground as we’re gonna get, and there’s plenty of fresh snow here to cushion the fall. Don’t wait too long though. The lift gets higher up ahead.” I grabbed onto the back of the seat as he held onto the side arm rest and lowered himself until he hung backwards off the edge of the seat. Then he let go. The seat bounced, making me so glad I’d gripped onto the back with my paper-clip arm. The girls behind us screamed. Once the seat stopped bouncing, Jena lowered herself down and did the exact same thing, followed by more bouncing and screaming.