February fiction: Fantastic!

February fictionThis month’s fiction titles come from a trio of debut authors and will be available in bookstores on Feb. 10, 2015. You can also buy them from online retailers, who are also taking pre-orders prior to their release.

Midnight-Runner_9781462116157Midnight Runner” by Marilee Jackson

Mistreated for years, orphaned Moira dreams of building a new life in the royal city. Little does she know that her dreams will cost more than just her own fate. This medieval tale of romance, mistaken identities, and long-sought redemption will change how you feel about villains and heroines, loss and love.

Letters to My Future Husband” by Lisa McKendrickLetters-to-my-future-husband_978462115532

Sophie doesn’t know what kind of man she’s looking for, so her father suggests she write letters to her future husband—and come to know him in the process. But Sophie soon learns her letters aren’t the most reliable key to her heart. This hilarious coming-of-age novel is a guaranteed laugh-out-loud read you’ll want to share with all your friends.

Lazarus-Game_978462115549The Lazarus Game” by Stephen J. Valentine

An amazing new video game has the power to resurrect the brightest minds of the past and see what they’d create in the modern world. There’s just one catch—it requires another person’s soul. Carter Chance, who is a teenage genius, must find a way to stop his generation from exchanging their souls for a computer-generated fantasy. This action-packed thriller delves into the enticement and dangers of virtual reality.