Featured July Cookbooks!


July is a great month. We get to celebrate America’s birthday, light fireworks, and eat delicious food. In the summer everything tastes healthy and fresh. To add on to the excitement taking place this month we are featuring three new cookbooks!

“Taste This” by Amanda Simpson is a re-release of her book “Food Porn Daily.” “Taste This” guarantees mouthwatering meals with hundreds of pages of enticing photos and detailed, step-by-step instructions. Even your mother-in-law will ask how you did it! These original recipes from Amanda’s kitchen are sure to get your taste buds tingling. You’ll be addicted from the first bite!

“The Book of Herbs” by Barty Phillips is a beautifully designed book featuring Mother Nature’s best herbal remedies and seasonings. Discover the health-giving benefits and flavor-enhancing properties of more than 80 versatile herbs, like eucalyptus, which can remedy your cold or relieve arthritis pain, or galangal, which can add a kick to your family’s stir-fry. This reference is indispensable for your home when you want life to be more organic.

“No Girls Allowed Cookbook for Men” by Greg Ford is armed with convenient and direct recipes, to help you begin cooking delicious and hearty meals. Impress your family and friends with the bold recipes in this cookbook like Too Hungry to Cook Chili, Meatballs . . . Bold and Unafraid, and Spontaneous Combustion Soup. Learn how easy cooking can be!  This book is perfect for any young man leaving home for the first time.