Divine Creativity

This is a guest post by Michelle Kendall.Michelle thrives on creativity. She is happily married to Brad Kendall and has 4 wonderful children. Michelle created a company calledThe Art of Motherhood, and enjoys sharing her talents inside the LDS church and promoting family togetherness. Michelle also loves to read, cook, travel and design.

I believe that we all are born with divine creativity, but that some possess a stronger ability to give voice to such creativity. So, what is the difference between divine creativity and regular creativity? Divine creativity inspires one to exemplify our Heavenly Father and enhance our understanding of the gospel.Book of Mormon Christmas by Michelle Kendall, Christmas Story, Nativity, Christmas Books, LDS books

After a long process and different formats- I have published my 1st book- A Book of Mormon Christmas. It is a book for all families to cherish and use as a new tradition in their homes. The Bible tells us the beautiful Christmas story and the Book of Mormon testifies of the prophecy and the bright new star; it is truly another witness of Jesus Christ.

My story is one example of divine creativity, but I know that many others also have that innate ability to create a work of art that testifies of eternal truths. Your masterpiece may be a painting, a song, or a written work. It may be a story that you share with the world or a story that only a few will hear within the walls of your home. The point is to express your original work. Creativity enhances our lives.

I love this quote from Elder Dean L. Larsen:

“I believe a capacity for creativity is inherent in our natures. Perhaps it is one of the godlike attributes we inherit as our Heavenly Father’s children. This attribute finds different expressions in each one of us. In many it remains largely dormant because it is never given an opportunity to emerge. It is likely that each one of us has creative powers that can be developed and that can add significantly to the joy and satisfaction we experience in our lives. It may well be that this aspect of our development in mortality is as important in the eyes of a creative Heavenly Father as many other attributes that receive greater attention and emphasis.”

I love going to church and participating in the different activities and experiencing how different members have taken the gospel and used divine creativity to testify of the Savior and his mission. I hope that all can continue to create and write down what you have done so that friends and family can benefit from your insight. And who knows…maybe it’s your masterpiece that is yet to be created.

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  • April 4, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    this is going onto my “christmas in july” gift list for family and friends…so happy for you!

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