December Fiction: Till the in-laws do them part

December Marquise releaseAnnette Haws’ “The Accidental Marriage” is our lone fiction release for the month and is the tale of Nina Rushforth, who made a big mistake—she fell in love. Six months after falling in love in Scotland, she finds herself back in Utah with a ring on her finger, standing in front of a classroom of farm kids, discussing the dangers of dangling participles.

Instead of the sophisticated life she had imagined, Nina is keeping house in a miniscule apartment and living with a young husband who knows nothing more about being married than she does. Beset with cooking mishaps, lesson plans, and interfering in-laws, the newlyweds find themselves teetering on the brink of disaster—and neither knows know how to stop from going over the edge.

Award-winning author Haws brilliantly captures the comic strife of young LDS love caught in the turbulent social crosscurrents of the 1970s. As Nina and her husband struggle with these first-year missteps, they must learn to trust the love that brought them together.

“The Accidental Marriage” officially drops on Dec. 10, 2013, and will be available in book stores and from online retailers.