Daily Nonfiction Post 3/25/2013 Marriage 101 For Men

Today’s Nonfiction Book Focus is on “Marriage 101 For Men: Why Taking Out The Trash Is a Turn On,” by Sherri Mills.

Sherri, in the spirit of March Madness, has come up with 16 chores that men can do between the games. Doing these chores will build intimacy and show appreciation for your spouse.

Here are the 16 Chores:

1- Keeping the bathroom cleanMarriage 101 For Men 2x3

2- Cooking dinner (if you’re home first)

3- Helping the older kids with their homework

4- Getting the smaller children bathed and ready for bed

5- Going to the store

6- Taking care of the dogs (feeding, bathing, brushing, and clean-up)

7- Packing and unpacking for trips

8- Vacuuming

9- Taking the garbage out and taking it to the curb when it’s time

10- Taking care of the yard

11- Cleaning the garage

12- Getting everyone lunch or lunch money in the morning

13- Getting clothes ready for the next day

14- Driving children to extracurricular activities

15- Dusting

16- Keeping clothes washed, dried and put away


About “Marriage 101 For Men”:


Get out of the doghouse and back into the bedroom by adopting one simple phrase””Help isn’t helpful. Whether you’ve been married for three months or thirty years, failing to “help around the house” remains a major cause of discord. Following this book’s principles, a husband learns to decrease disputes and increase intimacy by owning his share of household work, not helping his wife do it all.

About the Author:

Photo 2Sherri Mills has been married to Gerald Mills for 45 years. She has owned her one-person professional salon for over 40 years. She has listened to real-life family problems and followed real-life outcomes””successes and failures””through several generations.

Sherri is also the author of “I Almost Divorced my Husband but I Went on Strike Instead.” She has had a multitude of men and women personally thank her for being brave enough to bring these problems out in the open.

Sherri has been on 2 TV programs and several radio shows. She has been a speaker at many events and has been featured in Redbook magazine and Woman magazine (in the UK).

Marriage 101 For Men: Why Taking Out The Trash Is a Turn On,” provides real world solutions to issues that sabotage marital accord. The book is written in such a manner as to make sense to the male partner in a marriage.

Sherri realizes that there are some marriages that need to end, but it is her belief that most marriages end because life seems better on the other side of the fence. Sherri is out to debunk that myth.

You can pre-order “Marriage 101 For Men: Why Taking Out The Trash Is a Turn On” today at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.



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