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Books Published with Cedar Fort:Geek Girl

Bio:Cindy C Bennett was born and raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, and can’t imagine living anywhere else because she is so in love with her home state. She married her high school sweetheart, and against all odds – and the bets of many who knew them at the time – remains happily married to him a quarter-century later (that sounds so much longer than 25 years). Together they have four amazing, beautiful children, her youngest being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at age 9, changing her world (she’s much more appreciative of the small things). She’s lucky enough to now have one fantastic daughter-in-law with another one joining their family next summer. Wow, six kids!She feels blessed to have been born to parents who raised her to love God, and in spite of her wild teenage years managed to find her way back to the fold. She serves with young women ages 12-18 which is a complete joy to her, and an inspiration for her writing. Everything she writes is with an eye to the fact that both her daughters and any of them might read her words, which forces her to analyze how she presents the tough but true topics.

Between raising kids, writing, and running a cabinet shop with her husband it’s not such a surprise that her brain is fried. If only she could figure out how to build an extra 8 or 10 hours into a day, she might find time to actually sleep! And yet, she wouldn’t change one single thing in her life – unless someone wants to offer to clean her house. She’d happily give that neglected job up. Or laundry. Or cooking. Any of those, she’s not picky.

Cindy is the author of Geek Girl, published by Sweetwater (an imprint of Cedar Fort) as well as two self-pubbed titles, Heart on a Chain and Immortal Mine. She’s very grateful to Cedar Fort for taking a chance on her, and as outlined in her marketing plan, has dyed the gray out of her hair and lost 45 pounds.

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