But I’m Not A Writer

This is a guest post by Barbara R. Wheeler.Barbara holds masters and doctorate degrees in social work. She is currently professor emeritus of Brigham Young University where she served on the faculty and was the Director of the School of Social Work. Dr. Wheeler has authored many publications in professional journals as well as chapters in books. She has practiced clinical social work in various settings including independent clinical social work practice for over twenty-five years.

I’m not a writer.When I told my author/friend this, she disagreed saying that “anyone who writes is a writer.” “Not me,” I fired back. But I do have something to say–something that I believe is important andcould enrich the lives of others.

My thoughts refused to disappear but were almost screaming for direction”•to get out of my head. I just had to put them down on paper but where do I start? The same friend told me to just begin writing something, anything, and to not be concerned about words, punctuation or sentence structure. The refinement comes later. So I did. Something happened. I entered a zone where the ideas flowed and believe it or not, they seemed to organize themselves into some kind of order. Then I began to feel the passion, the drive, the “I don’t even want to eat or sleep until I finish this part” syndrome. I was on the path of no return and it felt so “right.”

When A Spouse Dies: What I didn't Know About Helping Myself and Others Through Grief, Barbara R. Wheeler, DSWWhat a life-changing experience! It was like giving birth”•nine months of gestation with off and on pain, discomfort, awkwardness and even sleepless nights. Then came the intense labor and right on the due date, I delivered. It was a newborn that all who picked it up and held it for any length of time would feel more sensitive and tender from the experience. (At least that was my belief). It was beautiful to look at on the outside but, more importantly; it was what was inside that was of real value.

My “newborn” book was about something we all face sooner or later in life”•loss and the normal grief reaction that follows. I wrote about the realities of grief’s journey including how the experience changes us and how we need to trust tomorrow.

I guess I am a writer.

2 thoughts on “But I’m Not A Writer

  • February 17, 2012 at 8:38 am

    I am not a writer either, but I started writing a book a few months ago. I am not very far into it since I write a couple chapters then put it down for a while. Still I am hoping to finish it, If not for me, for my friends and family.
    Thanks for the insight. Now I can take a more positive approach and get more of my book written and eventually done!

    • February 20, 2012 at 9:25 am

      Coleen – Thank you for your comments. I enjoyed you sharing your experience.

      I would say, stay with it and soon you will reach the “summit” where you will not be able to stop until you reach the end. You no doubt, can make a significant contribution with your writing.

      Good luck and best wishes,
      Barbara Wheeler (from one writer to another)

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