Tip Thursday: Breaking through writers block

Social media is a great way to help you get your work out there and market yourself. However, sometimes you don’t always know what you should tweet about. You may wonder,”What if this status is dumb?” or “What should my next blog post be about?”Ann Handley,from MarketingProfs, gives us 17 tips to help you break through writers block.

1. Tell your story.

2. Answer questions.

3. Answer unasked questions.

4. Make your customer the hero.

5. Let customers tell their stories.

6. Share photos.

7. Go behind the scenes.

8. Infographics.

9. Maps, indexes, charts.

10. Interview luminaries.

11. Crowd source.

12.Create a blog series.

13. Events (before, during, after)

14. Holidays, celebrations, etc.

15. Get some inside help.

16. Re-imagine.

17. Curate.