Blog Tour Tips by Melissa Lemon

Melissa Lemon, author of Cinder and Ella, recently participated in a blog tour and offers her advice in this guest post.

Cinder and Ella was recently part of a month long blog tour and I have been asked me to share a little about the experience. If I had to sum it up in a couple of words, it would be these: learning process. One of my favorite things was getting to know some of the bloggers as we corresponded about the tour or tweeted about nothing in particular. Here are some tips that I hope will help other authors who have a blog tour coming up soon.

Organization “” This saved me so many times and it was simple. I just created a label”” or folder or whatever your e-mail calls it””called “Blog Tour” for all e-mails about the tour. This made all correspondence readily available without weighing down my inbox. I created another label called “Blog Tour To-Do.” This is where I kept e-mails regarding interviews or guest posts so I didn’t lose those in the “Blog Tour” file. I also had a list scribbled out that I hung next to my desk with all of the guest posts or interviews listed in order of when they were scheduled on the blog tour. That way I knew which ones to work on first. In word, I saved each post or interview according to the name of the person or blog it was for, whichever would be easiest to find in my e-mail. For example: “Blog Post for Asriana” or “Interview for Supernatural Snark.” A little organization went a LONG way on the blog tour for Cinder and Ella.

Flexibility “” This was key. People didn’t always post on the day they were scheduled to. Sometimes I found out about a guest post on the day it was supposed to be up. I was trying to post about the blog tour every day on my own blog, but it got old. Go with the flow! Don’t stress over things you can’t control and be willing to change things around if needed.

Stay on Top “” I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had let things slip for even a day. I checked my e-mail several times a day and I worked first thing in the mornings or late at nights to get blog posts and interviews done before their scheduled day. When I knew a post was up on a blog, I tweeted about it and put the link up on my facebook page, both to get the word out and as a courtesy to the bloggers participating. And I treated my kids when it was all over for their patience as I had spent much more time on the computer than usual.

One of the most challenging things about the blog tour was coming up with quality content for the guest posts, which totaled 15 when all was said and done. I struggled to know what people would want to read about. If the blogger gave me an idea, that seemed to be a little easier. If not, I did a little research. I went to the blog and learned a little bit about the blogger. One guest post was about career planning since in the blogger’s bio it said that she was having a hard time deciding what to be when she grew up. She loved the post and it brought several comments. I also read several guest posts by other authors just to get a feel for what guest posting was about. That was helpful at times, but in the end I was writing guest posts about strange dreams.

Overall, I think the blog tour for Cinder and Ella was a success and I am so grateful for all of the bloggers that participated and for all of those who put work into it. Good luck on your blog tour!

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  • July 14, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Great Tips, I stumbled this post for you:)

  • July 15, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    I didn’t really understand what a blog tour was until about a week ago. This post was really helpful since this whole concept is relatively new to me. Thanks for sharing Melissa! These tips are really helpful!

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