Blog Tour: ‘The Husband Whisperer’

Kevin Hinckley is proud to host a blog tour for his book, The Husband Whisperer from March 10–30.

Horse whisperers know that the best way to communicate in relationships is with a touch of gentleness. In The Husband Whisperer, Kevin Hinckley (MEd, LPC) shows women how to use their divine nature and to listen to the Spirit in order to help bring peace into their marriages.

If you are interested in joining the blog tour, please leave a comment with the date you’d like to post or contact Cedar Fort via email.

Husband Whisperer blog tour

Meet the Author:

Returning author Kevin Hinckley is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Private Practice. He received his master’s degree in Counseling from Brigham Young University, with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior. He has developed numerous therapeutic programs, including inpatient and day treatment programs for addiction and trauma recovery. He has worked closely with the LDS Addiction Recovery Program and is the author of The Naaman Project, a day treatment program for Pornography Addiction. A former bishop and institute teacher, Kevin has written three books, Promptings or Me,(our book) Parenting the Strong Willed Child and Burying Our Swords (published by Deseret Book). He is a regular presenter at Campus Education Weeks at BYU-Idaho and BYU.

The Husband Whisperer Blog Tour Schedule

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

  • March 30 –

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    Could I please have March 22

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    I would like to be a part of this tour on Tuesday, March 24th. Info is below:

    Literary Wonders! (
    The Author’s Hideaway – Blogspot (
    The Author’s Hideaway (
    PO BOX 13727
    Greensboro, NC 27405

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    Put LDS Women’s Book Review down for March 10. Thanks!

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