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Marcia Mickelson will host her blog tour for The Huaca from May 10–June 10.

Ellie Cummings just wants to feel normal. But since her mom’s murder, everyone has been treating her differently. She turns to Gabe, the high school weirdo, who claims he can communicate with her dead mother. In this haunting mystery, your heartstrings will be tugged as Ellie takes a chance and discovers that the truth may be better kept a secret.

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Here is a brief description of the book:

It had fine carvings on the lid, some kind of tribal design. There were three wooden knobs that seemed to open very thin drawers.

“It’s beautiful,” I said. “Is it a jewelry box?”

Gabe stayed silent for a minute before looking at me. “No. It’s not a jewelry box. It’s a huaca.”

Seventeen-year-old Ellie Cummings just wants to be a regular teenager, but after her mother’s mysterious murder, she isn’t sure if she’ll ever be normal again. Her mother’s death has left Ellie and her father worlds apart. And when her best friend abandons her, Ellie has no one else to turn to—except for the strange boy who says he can help.

Gabe de la Cruz seems to know way too much about everything, and her instincts tell Ellie to stay far away. But when he claims that he can communicate with the dead through an ancient Incan artifact, Ellie can’t resist the temptation of seeing her mother again. In the hanan pacha—the Incan afterworld—Ellie’s mother sends a message to help Ellie understand what happened the night of the murder—a message that may be better kept a secret.

Meet the Author:

Marcia Mickelson was born in Guatemala, but came to the U.S. as an infant. She considers herself from New Jersey even though she’s lived in three other states. She graduated from Brigham Young University and now resides in South Texas with her husband and three sons. Marcia is the author of Star Shining Brightly, Reasonable Doubt, and Pickup Games. Learn more about Marcia on her website,

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    Hi Marcia! I would love to read and review this book. I can do it May 31. Could you please send me a copy. Thanks!

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