Blog Tour: Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale

Shayla Witherwood is a magical tale about a half-faerie who is trying to keep her faerie half a secret as she begins her “normal” life in high school.

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Here is a brief description of the book:

A brief moment of disappointment washed over me as I approached Jace’s lifeless body. Here I was, about to kiss a boy on the lips for the very first time, and he was completely comatose””possibly paralyzed””and would never even know or remember the experience. This was not how I’d envisioned my first kiss””me invisible, him unconscious.

Shayla Witherwood is not exactly normal. First of all, she’s spent her entire life being homeschooled, traveling in an RV around the country with her grandparents. And second, there’s the kind of inescapable fact that her mom was a genuine faerie.

But now that she’s starting a real life in a regular high school, Shayla desperately needs to stay out of trouble in both worlds because even her faerie powers might not be enough to protect her from what’s coming.

In her latest novel, Tamra Torero spins a magical tale filled with laugh-out-loud sarcasm, surprising twists, and spell-binding romance. Perfect for fairytale fans of all ages, this is one story you won’t want to miss!

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