Blog Tour Schedule: The Alias

Mandi Slack will be hosting a blog tour for her book The Aliasfrom March 1-15. Make sure you follow along for great reviews, interviews and giveaways!

Utah, Mafia, Women, LDS, Romance

March 1st

Sherri Mills

March 2nd

Jennifer Ann Holt

March 3rd

Julie N. Ford

March 4th

Marie Higgins

March 5th

Vickie Hall

March 6th

Lydia Davenport Lindsey

March 8th

Teri Rodeman

March 9th

Chas Hathaway

March 10th

Anna del C. Dye

March 11th

Stacy Lynn Carroll

March 12th

Roseanne Wilkinson

March 13th

Betsy Love

Elizabeth Mueller

March 15th

Michelle Jefferies

Jewel Adams