Blog Tour: Lightning Tree

Sarah Dunster’s debut novel, Lightning Tree, has already won awards for it’s opening chapters, and the rest of the book is just as good. Find out for yourself as you review the book for this tour. If you are interested in joining, please leave a comment with the date you’d like to post or contact me viaemail.

Here is a brief description of the book:

After surviving the tragic deaths of her parents and baby sister and a harrowing trek across the plains to Utah, it’s no surprise that Maggie’s nights are plagued by nightmares.

But after years of harsh treatment by her foster mother and sisters, and memories that seem to hint at an unthinkable crime, Maggie is forced to strike out on her own. To separate the truth from the dreams, Maggie faces a painful ordeal and learns that she’ll need to put her trust in those around her to survive.

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