Blog Tour: In Search of Truth

In Search of Truth: From the Creation to the Restorationis Rober L. Smith’s 1st book. This work is theresult of extensive research and study of acclaimed current and past LDS authors on the history of the early Church established by Jesus Christ and his apostles and the subsequent apostasy leading to the Protestant Reformation and the restoration of the gospel by the Lord through Joseph Smith.


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Here is a brief description of the book:

Travel back in time and discover the true gospel as taught by the earliest prophets. Well-researched and skillfully written, this intriguing read compares modern revelation with ancient sources like the Clay Tablets of Elba and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perfect for all Church members, it’s an inspiring reminder of God’s love for all his children, no matter where or when they lived.

Meet the Author:

Robert L. Smith has been a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1971. He has served as a bishop and is presently serving as a seminary teacher. He speaks at youth and single adult conferences on archeological evidences of the Book of Mormon and has published articles on related subjects on the Ancient America Foundation (AAF) website, and in numerous issues of the Internet-based news magazine The New Archaeology Review.

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