Blog Tour: Guardians of the Finisher’s Fury

Frank Cole is proud to host a blog tour for the third and final book in his exciting Guardians series, The Guardians of the Finisher’s Fury, from October 21–Nov 9.

Amber and Dorothy have found the Wrath, the last artifact of the Weapons of Might. But when Amber helps Dorothy investigate the Wrath’s secret hiding place, something happens to Dorothy—something strange. Now, when friends become enemies and enemies become friends, Amber can only hope she knows who to rely on to stop the raging power they have accidentally released. You won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion to the Guardians series.

If you are interested in joining the blog tour, please leave a comment with the date you’d like to post or contact Cedar Fort via email.

Guardians of the Finisher's Fury blog tour

Here is a brief description of the book:

Silence settled in the room as I thought through my options. Who was I kidding? I needed to be back in the hunt to be truly happy. I could rest once we found the final artifact.
“Okay.” I tucked the tickets back into the envelope. “I’ll do it.”
“You’ll go to Egypt?” he asked, clapping his hands together.
“I’ll go to Egypt.”

Amber and Trendon are on summer break and life seems like it’s finally back to normal. However, their vacation ends abruptly when a mysterious messenger summons them to Egypt. Dorothy and her team have found an ancient artifact, the final Weapon of Might, and they need Amber’s connection with the Shomehr to recover it.

The mission goes smoothly—until they obtain the artifact. Then everything goes wrong—very wrong. Friends become enemies, and enemies become allies. Now Amber and Trendon must race against time before the Weapons of Might are united and the Finisher’s Fury is unleashed.

This action-packed adventure from bestselling author Frank L. Cole promises entertainment, excitement, and enigma as it brings the Guardians series to an electrifying conclusion.

Meet the Author:

Frank L. Cole was born into a family of Southern storytellers and wrote his first book as age eight. Sadly he misplaced the manuscript and has since forgotten what he wrote. Highly superstitious and gullible to a fault, Frank will believe any creepy story you tell him, especially ones involving ghosts and Bigfoot. Currently, along with his wife and three children, he resides in the shadow of a majestic western mountain range, which is most likely haunted. You can learn more about Frank’s writing at

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