Blog Tour: Frank L. Cole and Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

Frank L. Cole, the hilarious author of the Hashbrown Winters children’s book series, has just released a new book called The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter. I’ve mentioned this book on this site several times before. Frank is excited about being featured on a virtual book tour for the next two weeks. Here is the blog schedule:

April 12, 2011 – I Like These Books – featuring an interview with Frank L. Cole!

April 13, 2011 – Pensive Bookeaters – Book Review

April 15, 2011 – Cherry Mischievous – A guest post written by Frank

April 16, 2011 – The Wormhole – Book Review

April 19, 2011 – Fire and Ice – Author interview

April 20, 2011 – Babs World of Book Reviews -Interview with Frank!

April 20, 2011 – I Am A Reader, Not A Writer – Interview with Frank and a GIVEAWAY!

April 20, 2011 – All-Consuming Books – Book Review

April 21, 2011 – The Elliot Review – Interview with Frank!

April 21, 2011 – Bookworm Lisa – Character interview with Trendon and Amber from The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

April 22, 2011 – Burning.x.Impossibly.x.Bright – Book Review

April 23, 2011 – Manga Maniac Cafe – Interview with Frank!

April 24, 2011 – Books R Us – How Frank L. Cole became a writer.

April 25, 2011 – Roots in Myth – Book Review and a GIVEAWAY!

April 25, 2011 – ReaderGirls – Book Review

April 25, 2011 – Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile – Frank’s Top 10 Favorite Books

April 25, 2011 – Squeaky Clean Reads – Book Review

We are all so excited about this tour for Frank! We hope you’ll visit each of the sites on their scheduled tour date. Take this opportunity to learn more about The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter and about Frank L. Cole!

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  • April 11, 2012 at 10:34 am

    If it’s still possible, I can host a guest post on the 24th. My blog is Black Hippie Chick’s Take On Books and the World.

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