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For All the Saints: Lessons Learned in Building the Kingdomis Kristen Smith Dayley’s 1st book. No matter where you live and serve, you are not alone. This inspirational collection of stories and experiences shows how the Lord uses the gospel to connect us with others and magnify our works into greatness. Filled with true-to-life moments that will benefit every member and every organization, it’s a moving and memorable read you’ll want to share with family and friends.


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Here is a brief description of the book:

For All the Saints provides an uplifting account of the ways in which the Lord builds his kingdom through ordinary men and women. Set in Boston, Massachusetts and its surrounding areas, the book draws upon the experiences of hundreds of members, ranging from prominent Church leaders to brand new converts. Their collective insights teach powerful lessons about commitment, faith, sacrifice, and leadership that are applicable to us all, no matter our corner of the vineyard.

Drawing upon accounts both humorous and profound, these Saints remind us of the impact one person can have when partnered with the Lord. They also instill a sense of gratitude for the contributions of those who precede us and demonstrate that the Lord’s promises are sure, as we each play a role in a work much larger than our own vantage point might suggest.

Meet the Author:

Kristen Smith Dayley lives in Issaquah, Washington, with her husband and children. Although she loves the Pacific Northwest, she insists on regular pilgrimages to New England, where her early childhood was nurtured by Make Way for Ducklings and the Freedom Trail. Kristen’s first experience with confession and repentance occurred at the age of five, after she shoved dead leaves and grass through the mail slot of the bishop’s office at Cambridge’s Longfellow Park Chapel. Despite that misdeed, she was allowed to return when she was admitted to Harvard Law School and even served as Relief Society president of the Cambridge University Ward (perhaps as penance). Kristen is a practicing attorney and aspires to develop some hobbies outside of Church and family when time allows.

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