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A Glimpse of Heavenis JoAnna Oblander’s first book.Within the pages ofA Glimpse of Heaven, JoAnna Oblander shares true life experiences that dramatically demonstrate God’s perfect love for each of his children, his unending desire to be a daily part of our lives, and his plan for us.

On each page of this remarkable book, you’ll find words of wisdom and beauty that are sure to encourage and uplift you, whether it’s your turn to serve or be served. Told with heartwarming sincerity,A Sisterhood of Strengthwill have women everywhere rejoicing in the friendship of their own dear, loving sisters.


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Here is a brief description of the book:

Be reminded of the purpose of life and the fact that each of us, as God’s children, has been sent to earth to accomplish a mission uniquely our own. As you read this book, you’ll understand God in ways never before comprehended””your significant worth to your Creator and his significant worth to you. Appreciate your loved ones and your Heavenly Father like never before in this comforting and inspiring experience.

Meet the Author:

JoAnna Oblander is happily married to her husband of over thirty years, Dr. Greg Oblander. She is the mother of six children, two of whom were adopted from Russia. Though her two most important jobs have been wife and mother, she has also been involved in a variety of businesses, church leadership responsibilities, and youth organizations, and she has been the lead organizer of a large biennial women’s event. As a benefactor of many varied life and spiritual experiences, she has gained a strong conviction of the importance of knowing God and His true character. The knowledge and insights she has gained as a result of her experiences have taught her of the importance of gratefully recognizing, acknowledging, and developing our God-given capacities. Those experiences have instilled in her a strong desire to create an eternally meaningful life guided by God and has led her to seek a life that is in harmony emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Her greatest joys are being with her husband, children, and grandchildren and bringing health to others as she works with her husband in his chiropractic office.

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