Becoming Kate

Liz had no idea that today would be the last day of her life. It started like any other Saturday. She wore the same jeans she wore every weekend, applied the same color lipstick, grabbed the keys to the same Honda she’d been driving for six years, and slung her same old purse over her shoulder.
At twenty-nine, Liz Lindsay is in her prime, juggling her duties as a wife and a mother of two lively children. But when her car is struck head-on by a semi, her family has every reason to believe that Liz is gone forever. What they don’t know is that only a few miles away, Liz has just woken up in the body of an eleven-year-old girl, Kate–the survivor of the world’s first-ever brain transplant. Horrified by the reality of her new life, Liz struggles witht he secret of her memories and her enduring love for the family she left behind. 
This stunning debut novel from Dixie  Owens is filled with equal parts heartache and hope, tragedy and redemption. Guaranteed to keep you engrossed and guessing until the very last page, Becoming Kate is an enthralling exploration of identity, family, and what it really means to be alive.
Dixie Owens  has a wide variety of  interests and talents. For example, she has served as campaign manager and fundraiser for a candidate for the Oregon State House; emceed an international convention with more than 1,100 attendees; sung with a chorus in the Duomo in Florence; and last year, she and her husband won first place in a Charleston contest. 
She earned her Associate of Arts from Ohlone College, took marketing courses at UC Davis, and completed a “Women in Management” certification program from the University of Southern California’s  post-graduate school of business. 
Her career with the State of California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) spanned more than thirty years. Many of those years were in the fields of marketing, media, job development, and event planning. Since retiring in 2000, Dixie has divided her time between singing, sculpting, painting, dancing, swimming, reading, writing, and filling her calender with friends and events.
Dixie and her husband have a blended family of seven children, their respective spouses, fifteen grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Dixie also has six siblings, countless nieces and nephews, and a Christmas list of over 200. 
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