Authors teach how to overcome adversity

Joyce and Dennis Ashton’s writings and lectures on loss and grief recovery have provided comfort and understanding to individuals suffering with adversity for over twenty years.  They wrote their first book after experiencing the loss of two children.

Cameron was fourteen and struggling with Cerebral Palsy at the time of his death. His life and subsequent unexpected death has had a profound impact on the lives and career’s Joyce and Dennis. Their books, Jesus Wept and 3 volumes of “But if Not” (now a compilation) have blessed the lives of individuals and families who are or have experienced abuse, addiction, disabilities, physical and mental illness.

The Ashton’s books additionally provide support and understanding to individuals and families dealing with losses resulting from death, early returned missionaries, and several other unexpected life challenges. The premise of their writing is that any “assumptive world violation” results in personal loss and the need to grieve to properly heal and take advantage of the saving blessings of the atonement.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, PH.D. shares that the Ashton’s “… books address anyone who has ever felt the pain and grief of personal loss in a touching, yet educational manner. Joyce and Dennis Ashton share a glimpse of their own unique struggles in order to reach out to those in desperation and confusion. Their triumph is an inspiration to us all.”

Joyce is a registered nurse and certified chaplain and bereavement specialist. She is currently the Director of Spiritual Care for Rocky Mountain Hospice. She has served as Stake and Ward Young Women’s president, several times as a Relief Society counselor and a teacher in all of the auxiliaries.

FullSizeRender (1)Dennis is a board certified licensed clinical social worker and former international assistant commissioner for LDS Family Services. He has served as a Bishop, Young Men’s President and Stake High Counselor.

Together they have taught many classes on loss and grief at BYU Education Week and women’s conferences.  They love the outdoors and are the parents of 6 children, four living and several grandchildren.

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  • December 2, 2015 at 3:12 am

    The Ashton’s were part of our ward family at the time of Cameron’s passing. It was a devastating experience all the way around. But they are people of integrity, generosity, and compassion, and reached out to comfort others. Their tragedy became a sort of refiner’s fire, directing them on a new life’s mission: to help and comfort others heavy laden with grief. I’ve read ‘Jesus Wept’, and it is a balm for heartbreak. I look forward to reading their other writings!

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