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Eighteen-year-old Lucy doesn’t know how she became a ghost, but the more she remembers of her life in Victorian England, the more she wants to forget. Her only hope of changing the mistakes of her past is to enlist the help of a servant named Philip – the one living person who can see her. This impossible romance story is filled with delightful period detail and plenty of mystery.

The Haunting of Springett Hall won the 2015 League of Utah Writers’ Gold Quill award for best young adult fiction. The competitive award is given annually by the 80-year-old statewide writer’s organization.

Praise for “The Haunting of Springett Hall”:

“An enjoyable recommendation for fans of supernatural mysteries with romantic flair.” –Paige Rowse, School Library Journal

“’The Haunting of Springett Hall’ has romance, mystery and just enough ghosts haunting its pages to keep readers interested.” –The Deseret News

About the Author:

ebwheelerE.B. Wheeler grew up in Georgia and California. She attended BYU, majoring in history with an English minor, and earned graduate degrees in history and landscape architecture from Utah State University. She taught and wrote about history and historic preservation before focusing on fiction. THE HAUNTING OF SPRINGETT HALL is her debut novel. She lives in the mountains of Utah with her husband, daughters, various pets, and as many antique roses as she can cram into her yard. If she had spare time, she would spend it playing harp and hammered dulcimer, gardening, hiking, shooting archery, knitting, and reading.

The BYU Miracle Bowl — thirty five years later and still making the top ten lists

December 19 will mark the 35th anniversary of the BYU Holiday Bowl football game that has come to be known in the football world as “The Miracle Bowl.”   On that cool, foggy night inSan Diego so many years ago, Jim McMahon, Coach LaVell Edwards, and that BYU football team staged a comeback victory in Holiday Bowl III that may never be duplicated.  Losing to SMU (and the powerful “Pony Express” led by future NFL leading rusher and Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson),  45 to 25, with a little over three minutes remaining in the game, BYU came up with several improbable plays, including a diving touchdown catch, an onside kick recovery, a blocked punt and a Hail Mary pass from McMahon to Clay Brown from midfield with no time remaining on the clock to tie the score at 45 to 45.  BYU’s kicker, Kurt Gunther, overcoming several glitches in the process, kicked the extra point that provided the margin of victory and garnered BYU its first bowl victory — ever.  

The players from that game are growing old now, but the legend and memory of that game lives on in the football world.  Every time a list is published of the greatest college football plays of all time or the greatest sports miracles or the greatest Hail Mary plays of all time, The BYU Miracle Bowl makes the list.  For example, in the summer of 2015, NFL.com ran a contest to determine the greatest college football plays of all time. The contest was divided into four regions and a field of twenty-four teams/plays going back over 50 years of NCAA football. The McMahon to Brown Hail Mary made it to the final four after eliminating three other famous plays, including the spectacular Hail Flutie play from the Boston College Miami game from 1984 and the famous 1982 California/Stanford game where California scored the winning touchdown even though the Stanford marching band was on the field during the final play.  

12299133_10153813616615850_3614126594957991880_nThe BYU Hail Mary lost in the semifinals to the eventual winner the spectacular “kick six” play involving Auburn and Alabama from 2013.  In October of this year, ncaa.com listed the greatest game winning plays of all time. Two BYU plays made the list: the game winning Hail Mary to beat Nebraska this year and the Hail Mary play from Holiday Bowl III, on December 19, 1980.  Following BYU’s Hail Mary defeat of Nebraska in September, Jason Alsher, writing for The Cheat Sheet, offered his views on The greatest Hail Mary passes of all time, and he listed the McMahon to Brown Hail Mary in The Miracle Bowl as number three. He describes the drama as follows:

“The 1980 Holiday Bowl between the BYU Cougars and the SMU Mustangs will forever be known as ‘The Miracle Bowl.’ That’s usually what happens when a team is down 45-25 with less than three minutes to play only to make a furious comeback and win the game on an impossible Hail Mary pass launched from its own 46-yard line. . . . For the Cougars and stud quarterback Jim McMahon — who finished the game completing 32 of 49 passes for 446 passing yards and four touchdowns – the game was nothing short of ‘a miracle.’”  

HMCOVERAs BYU prepares to play in 2015 Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl, football fans are encouraged to relive what many believe is the greatest college bowl comeback ever by reading the definitive inside account of that game as told by a member of that BYU team, Ryan Tibbitts. He wrote “Hail Mary: The Inside Story of BYU’s 1980 Miracle Bowl Comeback,” which also has a thoughtful foreword by award-winning and bestselling sportswriter Lee Benson. Fans can also relive this comeback by watching the companion DVD “Hail Mary: Stories Behind the Greatest Comeback.”  


Hail Mary is available in stores and online.

Authors teach how to overcome adversity

Joyce and Dennis Ashton’s writings and lectures on loss and grief recovery have provided comfort and understanding to individuals suffering with adversity for over twenty years.  They wrote their first book after experiencing the loss of two children.

Cameron was fourteen and struggling with Cerebral Palsy at the time of his death. His life and subsequent unexpected death has had a profound impact on the lives and career’s Joyce and Dennis. Their books, Jesus Wept and 3 volumes of “But if Not” (now a compilation) have blessed the lives of individuals and families who are or have experienced abuse, addiction, disabilities, physical and mental illness.

The Ashton’s books additionally provide support and understanding to individuals and families dealing with losses resulting from death, early returned missionaries, and several other unexpected life challenges. The premise of their writing is that any “assumptive world violation” results in personal loss and the need to grieve to properly heal and take advantage of the saving blessings of the atonement.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, PH.D. shares that the Ashton’s “… books address anyone who has ever felt the pain and grief of personal loss in a touching, yet educational manner. Joyce and Dennis Ashton share a glimpse of their own unique struggles in order to reach out to those in desperation and confusion. Their triumph is an inspiration to us all.”

Joyce is a registered nurse and certified chaplain and bereavement specialist. She is currently the Director of Spiritual Care for Rocky Mountain Hospice. She has served as Stake and Ward Young Women’s president, several times as a Relief Society counselor and a teacher in all of the auxiliaries.

FullSizeRender (1)Dennis is a board certified licensed clinical social worker and former international assistant commissioner for LDS Family Services. He has served as a Bishop, Young Men’s President and Stake High Counselor.

Together they have taught many classes on loss and grief at BYU Education Week and women’s conferences.  They love the outdoors and are the parents of 6 children, four living and several grandchildren.

Marketing Missive #3: Social Media

cedar fort mm

What Is Social Media?

According to whatis.techtarget.com, “social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration,” but what does that mean for you and your message?

Social media is a compilation of platforms where people engage in conversation. This means that there is some sort of two-way interaction. Social media works best when you become a part of this conversation and not someone trying to merely steal the stage. Austin Kleon talks about his friend talking about this on his blog here.

People don’t like ads and if you are just telling people to buy your book, they will skip over you, unfollow you, mute you or whatever it is that people do to stop listening to people on their social media. Give them something more. Jonah Berger in this interview says that your marketing should be like a Trojan Horse. You should create something remarkable that can act as a front for your message. You need to create something remarkable that gives people social currency or practical value. Give them something to “remark” about and share, retweet, reblog, etc. that will make it so you don’t look like an ad yourself. Be a member of the community. Engage, communicate, remark and be remarked about.


Going back to the last missive, there was an article about writing op-eds to get press for your book.

Huffington Post allows you to submit a pitch for blog posts here.

You can set up an account to post on BuzzFeed/submit those posts for Community Posts that are promoted by editors of BuzzFeed here

Many other websites also have places where you can submit content so just do it. Having your name linked to simple articles can get you followers who learn to like things you have to say and would be willing to buy your book.

Marketing Minute

Remember how you are talking to your close friends and having them post about your book or helping you share your message, have them keep doing that. Keep making good, remarkable content for them to share.

This week, take a few minutes here and there to got to websites for your local TV stations to look up how to submit a news tip. Send them a message about a remarkable event or thing about your book. Don’t make the news tip too long, but make it interesting. Try to send a daily news tip each day for a week and then the next week, follow up!

CF Marketing Missive Top 5

“People don’t want to share things that look like an ad.” 

Social Media Marketing for the Holidays

Social Media mistakes you need to quit making

10 Ways to Sell your Book on Facebook

How to use Twitter by Forbes

***There are so many things that can be said about social media and self promotion. Send me your questions at millennium@cedarfort.com and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Arizona author seeks to create author community to promote books

Pima Boutique Show
Authors Randy Lindsay & Laura L. Walker at the Pima Boutique Show

Author Randy Lindsay (check out his website/blog here and here) wrote me a letter to let me know that he wanted to help foster a wider community of authors especially authors in Arizona. He attends lots of events and participates in other activities to promote books and would like to help others to promote their books. 

When I sat down to write my first novel it didn’t occur to me that I would eventually have to spend time convincing people to buy it. I thought the writer’s job was to write stories and once they finished with a novel they moved on to the next one. But that isn’t how it works. Getting a novel published only means you’re ready for the next stage in an author’s career—marketing.

A good portion of the creative process is done alone and in the comfort of our chosen writing spot. Marketing requires authors to put themselves in plain view of the public. The good news is you don’t have to do this alone.

Over the last year, I’ve been working with my fellow Cedar Fort authors in Arizona. We share information on events where authors can market their books. Having a presence at these events can help you sell books.

I am offering my assistance to the Cedar Fort authors in Arizona. There are three ways in which I believe I can help:

  1. Sharing my experience. What I’ve noticed is that all of us have some information we can share with others that will be beneficial to them. I’m willing to share what I’ve discovered about marketing. Feel free to e-mail me at Randsay@msn.com with questions or suggestions.
  2. Event sharing. Working together we can discover more marketing opportunities than we can alone. If you know of an event you can tell me about it and I will pass it along to the rest of the Arizona authors. If I have an event that needs authors I will send out a notice to let you know about it. I am often asked to schedule local events and need authors from specific genres to speak on panels or even to teach workshops. Occasionally, I have room at my event table for another author and would love the company.
  3. Handing out marketing materials. I attend a large number of events and am working to attend even more. If you are interested in having me display your marketing materials (bookmarks, pamphlets, etc) at the events I attend, then we can make arrangements for you to send me the materials you would like distributed. They can be part of the clean fiction campaign I plan to promote in Arizona.

Do you have an idea or suggestion that I didn’t mention? Send me an e-mail and we can see about including it as part of my multi-author marketing effort.

If you have any general marketing questions, you can also email me at millennium@cedarfort.com