June LDS nonfiction releases include titles for youth, young adults, everyone

June Radiat releases

Our LDS nonfiction titles this month include titles geared for youth, young adults, and everyone. Each of these books will be available in bookstores and from online retailers on June 9, 2015, and are also available for pre-order from the links provided below.

Could-it-Really-be-This-Easy-_9781462116379“Could It Really Be This Easy? The Eternal Equation of Success for Teens”
by Ted J. Peck

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It’s easier than you think. Whether you’re trying to figure out which school to attend, who to date, or how to repent after making a mistake, following God’s plan for you isn’t that complicated. Fun to read and easy to understand, this book is perfect for teens, young adults, and anyone looking for direction from our loving Father in Heaven.


“Witnesses of Christ: Prophets and Apostles of Our Dispensation”Witnesses-of-Christ_9781462115501
by Jerry H. Houck

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Discover the men beneath the mantle. This comprehensive book features biographical portraits of all 82 modern-day Apostles. With little-known stories and all the facts, you can get to know these devoted men as you never have before. Perfect as a reference for seminary, Sunday School, family home evening, and personal scripture study, this book brings Church history to life.


“#Eternity: An LDS Guide to Dating and Marriage for Young Adults”
by Terry R. Baker, PhD

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Trying to find true love in a troubled world? With ten sacred principles as essential guides to dating and relationships, you will become truly able and eligible to wisely seek out and nurture lasting love. Perfect for teens, young adults, and newlyweds, this book will teach you to find and keep perfect love for eternity!

Remembrance central theme of May LDS nonfiction releases

Remembrance central theme of May LDS nonfiction releases

May RadiantMembers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covenant to always remember Jesus Christ. This month’s LDS nonfiction releases are well-suited to help readers do just that.

Enslaved-to-Saved_978-1-4621-1604-1“Enslaved to Saved:
The Metaphor of Christ as Our Master”

by W. Reid Litchfield
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Who is your master: sin or the Savior? This well-researched book explores the cultural and political background of slavery during the time of Christ and what it implies for our modern-day commitment to the Lord. Thought-provoking and insightful, this book will strengthen your relationship with and faith in the Savior.

“Doubt Your Doubts: Seeking Answers to Difficult Gospel Questions”Doubt-Your-Doubts_9781462115921
by Chad P. Conrad
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Why don’t women hold the priesthood? How should we deal with homosexuality? What about evolution? Even your toughest gospel questions can become testimony-builders with this timely and informative book. Unafraid to address hot-button issues, this is an eye-opening read that will strengthen your faith, help you confront controversial topics, and find answers you can apply to your everyday life.

Remember-Web_9781462114658“Remember: Sacred Truths We Must Never Forget”
by Alonzo L. Gaskill
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Life has a way of making us forget the timeless truths of eternity, especially when we get caught up in the tasks of today. Join popular author, speaker, and scholar Alonzo Gaskill in this enlightening examination of the most oft-forgotten doctrines that lead to eternal life. Inspiring and informative, this is a must-read book for all.

April LDS nonfiction: Parenting, relationships and military tactics

April LDS nonfiction: Parenting, relationships and military tactics

April RadiantOur LDS nonfiction titles have an energetic feel to them, so tap into that energy and order your copy today! The official release date for each of these books is April 14, but you can preorder them on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com.

Base-Hits-and-Home-Run-Relationships_9781462114030“Base Hits and Home Run Relationships: What Women Wish Guys Knew”
by Trina Boice
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Love is like baseball, so hit a home run in your relationship! With Trina Boice’s advice, any man can learn how to step up to the plate. Learn tips, stats, and skills to make a powerful and lasting romance whether you’re in the “minor leagues” of dating or the “major leagues” of married life.



“Captain Moroni’s Command: Dynamics of Warfare in the Book of Mormon”Captain-Moronis-Command_9781462115402
by David E. Spencer
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War never changes, but it changes us. Assistant Professor of National Security Affairs David Spencer takes an in-depth look at the political intrigues and military tactics in the war chapters of the book of Alma. See how the conflicts compare to modern military strategies and how they transformed ancient society. It will change the way you think about the Book of Mormon and its peoples.



“Table Salt and Testimony: Ideas, Object Lessons and Practical Parenting Tips for Creating Teaching
Moments in the Home”
by Darren E. Schmidt
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Turn everyday situations in your home into teaching moments. With practical tips, object lessons, and ideas for how to create such moments, popular speaker Darren Schmidt teaches you how to be a shepherd instead of merely a sheepherder. Use these parenting pointers so that your days with your family are positive ones.

March LDS nonfiction: Variety is the spice of life

March LDS nonfiction: Variety is the spice of life

March Radiant 2015Of our six LDS nonfiction releases this month, there’s sure to be at least one that tickles your fancy. Watch for each of these titles wherever LDS books are sold on March 10.

I-Hope-they-call-me-on-a-Mission_9781462115518I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
by Benjamin Hyrum White,
illustrated by Corey Egbert

It’s never too young to prepare! This charmingly illustrated picture book teaches children what it’s like to be a missionary, from riding a bike to studying the gospel to having a companion, and everything they can do now to be ready so that when the time comes, they’ll be the best missionaries they can be. Colorful and cute, it’s a perfect gift for baptisms and birthdays.

A Mother’s Greatest Gift” by Heidi PoelmanMothers-Greatest-Gift-9781462116058

You don’t need to be an expert to be a good mom; you just need the Lord’s help. Learn how to seek out the best parenting Guide–the Holy Ghost–in this insightful and inspiring book. With personal stories, research, and interviews, this is every mother’s must-read handbook for finding answers and keeping the Spirit in her home.

Raising-an-Army-of-Helaman's-Warriors_9781462115617Raising an Army of Helaman’s Warriors
by Mark Ogletree
and Kevin Hinckley

Turn your home into an MTC! With missionaries being called at younger ages and so many distractions and temptations to pull teens astray, parents need a plan to keep their kids on the missionary track. This practical, testimony-building approach to mission prep is perfect for parents and leaders. Start now so they can serve honorably and spread the word to all the world!

The Olive Tree: An Artistic Adaptation
by Christine Layton Graham,Olive-Tree_9781462116300
Joan Layton Merrell, Carol Layton Ogden

Savor a unique scriptural experience with this beautiful book that combines text adapted from Jacob 5 with stunning artwork and calligraphy. A gorgeous addition to any LDS home, it will enhance your understanding of the exquisite symbolism in this significant story.

Parenting-Principles_9781462115228Parenting Principles: 31 Teachings to Raise Children in Righteousness
by David A. Christensen

Give your children a bright future in today’s dark world. Parent with confidence and love with these inspiring stories, poignant personal experiences, quotes from prophets and apostles, and scriptures to study. This uplifting book includes a full month of daily devotionals you can read together and will help you establish the gospel habits your family needs for a lifetime of happiness.

Tell Me About It, Sister!” by Andrea Faulkner WilliamsTell-me-About-it-Sister!_9781462116508

Stay spiritually strong your whole life long! This unique guide for returned sister missionaries provides counsel to help you transition into post-mission life. Filled with self-assessment quizzes, journal prompt questions, scripture study suggestions, and personal experiences from over 200 sister missionaries, this book will teach you how to make the most of life after your mission.

February LDS nonfiction titles include the birds and the bees, social media, RMs, seek-and-find

February LDS nonfiction titles include the birds and the bees, social media, RMs, seek-and-find

February RadiantVariety is the spice of life, and so it is with this month’s LDS nonfiction titles, which hit the market on Feb. 10, 2015. You can pick up copies from wherever LDS books are sold.

Seek-and-Find-BOM-Stories_9781462115280Seek and Find Book of Mormon Stories” by Jason Pruett

Search for Nephi, Moroni, and other hidden prophets and characters from the scriptures in this fun picture game book. Featuring scenes from the Book of Mormon, this book will keep kids entertained as they look for their favorite scripture heroes and hidden objects in the colorful illustrations. Perfect for home, church, or on the go, it makes learning the scriptures fun for everyone.

Teaching Children About Sex:Teaching-Children-about-Sex-9781462115495
Using the Temple as Your Guide
by Cherri Brooks

It’s time for “the talk.” Teach your children the truth about sexual intimacy in a world of shifting values and ideas. With expert advice and age-appropriate wording, you learn how to use the temple as a beautiful analogy to discuss with your kids the sacred subject of sex. Timely and clear, this book is a must-read for parents, teachers, and leaders.

Return-and-Continue-with-Honor_9781462116836Return and Continue with Honor:
A Guide for Returning Missionaries
by Brock Booher

Bring your mission habits home! This handy guidebook is the perfect size to take you from your first day home through the weeks and months that follow. Ideal for newly returning missionaries and their parents, family, and friends, this book will teach you how to have a successful transfer to the next phase of your life.

Sharing the Gospel Through Social MediaSharing-the-Gospel-through-Social-Media_9781462116553
by Erin McBride

Follow the prophets’ call and learn how to use your social media skills for good! This comprehensive guide shows you how to kindly and respectfully spread the good news of the gospel through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, and in many other ways. Perfect for leaders or the everyday Saint, it will help your whole family become modern member missionaries!