December 2018 New Releases!

Check out the newest releases from Cedar Fort!

Becoming the Beloved Disciple: Coming unto Christ through the Gospel of John

Eric D. Huntsman
Pub Date: 12/10/2018
Hardcover, Page Count: 179
USD: $19.99, CAD: $22.99

The Gospel of John the Beloved isn’t like the other Gospels. John includes stories, details, and symbols not found anywhere else in the Bible, showcasing models of discipleship from unlikely sources: the outcast, the unclean, the unfaithful, and more. While there are many ways to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, in the end, all disciples are united by love for our Savior and willingness to follow Him.

I Forgave You Yesterday: Receiving Christ’s Atonement Daily

James Skeen
Pub Date: 12/11/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 208
USD: $15.99, CAD: $18.99

Through His Atonement, Jesus promises us hope, peace, and healing—yet many of us struggle with recurring regrets or anxieties about the future. In his service as a bishop and a professional counselor, James Skeen has seen this repeatedly. In this much-needed book, he draws on gospel principles and professional practices to remind each of us that when we center our lives on Christ, He can make us whole now.

What I Have Is Enough: Tuning Your Life to Your God-Given Potential

Leslie Fatai
Pub Date: 12/11/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 176
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99

Like many pianists, Leslie Fatai is known for her ability to mesmerize an audience with her musical ability. Unlike many pianists, she pulls it off with a total of five fingers. But being born with a limb deficiency affects more than just her musical career, and she’s here to share some of the abilities she’s discovered in being, technically, disabled. See how one woman’s faith, strength, perseverance, and acceptance of self made all the difference in her success.

150 Creative Dates for a More Meaningful Marriage

Mendy Greenwood, Nick Greenwood
Plain Sight Publishing
Pub Date: 12/11/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 176
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99

Fall in love with your spouse all over again with these creative ideas for fun, meaningful dates. Whether you’re newly married, busy parents, or seasoned empty-nesters, you’ll find activities tailored for your stage of life that will keep your relationship strong and vibrant. Pull from the real-life experiences of happily married couples of all ages, circumstances, and regions to make your marriage last for all time!

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Bible: Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse

Shannon L. Alder
Pub Date: 12/11/18
Paperback / softback
Page Count: 240
USD: $16.99, CAD: $19.99

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is confusing and painful, especially if you feel like God approved of your relationship. In this empowering guide, Shannon Alder draws on extensive research and personal experience to help you understand narcissism and rebuild your faith and sense of self. No matter what you’ve experienced, you can reclaim your purpose as a daughter or son of God.

Understanding and Treating ADHD

Dennis Odell
Plain Sight Publishing
Pub Date: 12/11/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 272
USD: $16.99, CAD: $19.99

You won’t want to put this book down! With over thirty years of clinical experience with ADHD and related conditions, Dr. Odell draws on his expertise to discuss the true definition of ADHD and the core challenges and best treatment options for each child. Practical and informative, this book offers real solutions you can use at home, in the classroom, and in therapeutic settings.

The Ready Resource for Relief Society and Melchizedek Priesthood: 2019 Curriculum

Trina Boice
Pub Date: 12/11/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 160
USD: $12.99, CAD: $14.99

Get ready to enjoy a year of Relief Society and Melchizedek Priesthood classes with this comprehensive lesson planner for the 2019 curriculum. For each week, you’ll find a chapter summary, pertinent quotes, relevant hymns, links to Church videos, and more! Discover how easy it can be to focus on the needs of your class members once the prep work is done for you!

Forever Elle

Heather Chapman
Sweetwater Books
Pub Date: 12/11/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 224
USD: $16.99, CAD: $19.99

In this early 1900s historical romance and coming of age novel, we meet Elizabeth (Elle) Pratt, who hasn’t grown into herself just yet. Caught between her father’s high expectations, her mother’s disinterest, the farm she grew up on, and the wealthy airs she learned at school, Elle is at a loss when tragedy strikes and she must head back home. There she must reconcile her two worlds, as well as the scrawny neighbor-boy turned handsome farmhand who always turns up when she least expects it.

November 2018 New Releases

Check out the newest releases from Cedar Fort!

The User-Friendly New Testament

Marilyn Green Faulkner
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 288
USD: $18.99, CAD: $21.99
Wake up your scripture study with this fresh and fun companion to the New Testament! The characteristically witty Marilyn Faulkner discusses New Testament stories like you’ve never heard them before. Use the parable of the sower to evaluate your use of social media, get directions as you scale the Sermon on the Mount, and learn how grace helps you be born again (and again and again).

Tiny Talks 2019 Primary Theme

Heidi Doxey
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 128
USD: $12.99, CAD: $14.99
Teach, learn, and grow together all year! With Tiny Talks, you can follow the inspired Primary theme for 2019 in your home and at church. Filled with lesson ideas for sharing time or family night, talks and stories for children to read, activities, songs, and even an outline for the annual sacrament meeting program, this is the perfect resource for Primary teachers, parents, and leaders.

Primary FHE 2019: A Year of Prepared Family Night Lessons and Activities to Strengthen Your Home

Kimiko Christensen Hammari
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 160
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
Bring the Primary theme for 2019 into your home with a year of prepared family nights. This book is the perfect solution for busy families. Each week you’ll find a complete lesson, songs, scriptures, treat ideas, and activity options for both younger and older children. Don’t let a busy schedule keep your family from gathering each Monday night.

Jesus Worked Miracles

Heidi Poelman, Jason Pruett
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Hardback, Page Count: 32
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
When Jesus was alive, He performed miracles to show He was the son of God. This reverent picture book introduces children to the stories of lepers healed, the dead raised, and, ultimately, the miraculous Resurrection of our Lord. Although these events took place thousands of years ago, Jesus still works miracles today in the lives of those who have faith in Him.

I’ll Be a Sunbeam

Shersta Chabot, Markie Riley
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Hardback, Page Count: 32
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam—and a moonbeam, clear stream, and calm sea! Like the classic children’s song, this charming picture book draws on imagery from nature to teach children how to follow the Savior. Just as a star in the night sky can guide wanderers home, we can live in a way that guides others to Jesus Christ.

Trial of Faith: Why a Lawyer Abandoned His Mormon Faith, Argued Against It, and Returned to Defend It

Dusty Smith, Kimiko Hammari
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 144
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
Lieutenant Colonel Dusty Smith was once an ambitious young law student and returned missionary who planned to use his skills to defend the Church. Along the way, however, he discovered anti-Mormon literature that caused him to turn around and attack the very faith he had once sought to defend. But after many years, the persistence of a good friend and a patient, loving Heavenly Father finally brought about Dusty’s miraculous reconversion.

Simply Starstruck

Aspen Hadley
Sweetwater Books,
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 256
USD: $17.99, CAD: $20.99
Kate Evans never imagined she’d be a young widow and single mom, staying in her aunt’s guest cottage. She also never imagined she’d live next door to Jess Sullivan, an actual movie star. Struggling to put herself back together, Kate gets swept up in a whirlwind of dating, but can she keep ignoring what her heart really wants?

Job Opening: Finance Manager

Position Summary:

As a member of Cedar Fort’s executive management team, the Finance Manager is responsible for all accounting operations, financial systems, and financial reporting. Finance Manager supports the management team’s business planning efforts, including revenue generation models and projections. The Finance Manager helps develop and implement management practices that allow the organization to meet its strategic goals. The Finance Manager is charged with reviewing, developing, and implementing policies and procedures in the finance and operational realms to ensure efficient and effective operations and regulatory compliance.

Position Responsibilities

  • Prepare, enter, and reconcile financial transactions
  • Reconcile bank accounts, credit card statements, etc.
  • Prepare adjusting, reconciling and closing entries each month, quarter, and year
  • Prepare financial reports, projections and analysis
  • Reconcile, monitor and follow-up on account receivables
  • Provide support for annual audit
  • Prepare operational, programmatic, capital and grant budgets
  • Prepare billing for government contracts and grants
  • Manage administrative and operational accounting services such as fee for service, network marketing/sales, accounts payable
  • Identify ongoing financial requirements associated with new contracts. Ensure that these requirements are included in organizational procedures
  • Develop and monitor key performance indicators, key controls and governance requirements income or cost related business activities
  • Drive systems/process integration to improve operational and business performance
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications and Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  • Accounting degree required
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in accounting, ideally with both external audit and in-house financial management experience
  • Demonstrated experience with finance and accounting regulations
  • Expert level accounting software (QuickBooks Enterprise preferred)
  • High level computer literacy
  • Proven leadership ability
  • Proven ability to produce accurate and highly detailed work
  • Capable of managing multiple priorities and meeting deadlines

Benefits & Compensation:

  • Salary: DOE
  • Benefits: Medical, Dental, PTO, Holiday Pay

To apply please submit your resume, cover letter and three references.

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: 3 years

  • QuickBooks: 1 year (Preferred)
  • non-profit accounting: 3 years (Preferred)
  • non-profit finance and accounting regulations: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Accounting Degree


Job Opening: Digital Marketing Manager

Job Description

Cedar Fort is currently seeking a Digital Marketing Manager with proven online marketing experience to establish, develop and grow our digital marketing team. The ideal candidate should have hands on knowledge and experience managing all aspects of digital marketing and be able to implement digital strategies which will increase our brand awareness and consumer engagement, online. Primary responsibilities include the implementation and management of online marketing campaigns across all digital channels.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist clients in their digital marketing efforts with global partners
  • Serve as the subject matter expert for online advertising including marketplace strategies, tactics and tips
  • Provide strategic insights to develop short- and long-term execution plans for new paid advertising campaigns across Amazon, eBay, Google and other platforms
  • Devise, deploy, and optimize paid social, display, online video, and other media programs to drive customer acquisition
  • Analyze data from Google Analytics, Amazon Marketing Services, and other reporting tools to evaluate campaign performance
  • Relentlessly optimize SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns to acquire more customers at allowable CACs (customer acquisition costs)
  • Develop, test, and analyze keywords, ad copy, bidding strategies, and ad groups to maximize potential impression volume and overall efficiency
  • Develop forecasts and budgets for online advertising campaigns with the ability to execute spend optimization decisions rapidly
  • Research the e-commerce market for opportunities and competitor tactics
  • Develop reporting dashboards and reports for internal and external customers

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or related program
  • 2-7 years of experience in paid search marketing or a related position managing performance marketing campaigns
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Suites and Google Drive
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-driven, organized, and proactive mindset
  • High ethical standards
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • 3+ year’s experience with digital marketing, including hands-on experience buying and optimizing
  • Experience in optimizing direct response marketing programs, while driving efficiency and meeting ROI targets
  • Experience with small business marketing, subscription products, SaaS, or financial services.
  • Versatile and comfortable juggling multiple projects with several moving parts at once

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with the advertising platforms
  • Past experience working in a high-stakes, high volume business environment
  • Strong analytical, data-driven mindset, and a good overall intuition for numbers and data
  • Love, live, and breathe ad technology, web analytics, attribution models (multi-funnel/multi-touch/cross-device, etc.) and are up to speed on all the latest trends
  • In-depth understanding of online marketing metrics (CPA, CPM, CPC, CLV)
  • Agile and experimental, bringing new ideas and moving fast to hit goals
  • Knowledge and experience with advanced bid automation, like Marin, DS3 or Search Ads 360
  • Experience working with large keyword portfolios preferred

Job Opening: WFL Manager

Job Summary

The Logistics, Warehousing and Fulfillment Manager works to continuously improve the level of service provided to our customers. She/he will oversee fulfillment across our internal and external channels and partners including driving the company’s capacity management strategy consistent with Corporate market plans and growth objectives.

The Manager is accountable for meeting and exceeding all operational goals, strategic capacity planning, and customer satisfaction.

The Manager is expected to resolve complex issues in creative, effective methods working collaboratively with both internal and external personnel and can operate with significant autonomy when needed. This position requires a proven ability to drive process improvements and the ability to keep pace with significant growth while motivating others to meet the challenges of a time-critical environment. This role requires significant analytical skills and judgment, elevated attention to detail, organizational skills, strong project management abilities, proven experience with effective negotiating and strong verbal and written communication skills.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide overall leadership and accountability for all fulfillment, warehousing and logistics activities
  • Manage and develop leadership team for fulfillment, warehousing and logistics
  • Identify, develop and build positive, effective relationships with key external fulfillment, warehousing and logistics partners
  • Develop and execute plans for optimization and expansion of fulfillment capabilities to meet growth objectives
  • Champion initiatives and teams to drive process and operational improvements.
  • Measure, communicate and manage performance and compliance with key processes. Identify corrective action
  • Proactively establish good working relationships with FP&A, Strategic Sourcing, Operations and Finance to promote effective execution of projects and plans to meet key operational objectives.
  • Manage and prepare operating budgets, capital expenditures and investments in infrastructure, technology, equipment, systems, or other assets and resources; analyze and approve operational investments that best meet the organization’s business needs within approval
  • Build relationships with all organizational leaders to assess current processes and identify improvement opportunities
  • Develop fulfillment, warehousing and logistics strategy including balancing development of internal and external capabilities, setting inventory level, fulfillment and improvement targets
  • Train and develop leaders in your organization


  • 5 -10+ years in direct fulfillment and/or supply chain operations
  • Experience in multi-site, VMI and lean fulfillment environments
  • Strong organization, project management skills with outstanding communication and follow-up abilities. You have a proven track record of delivering on time.
  • Experience managing third-party production partners and negotiating contracts.
  • Places the success of the customer and company ahead of any particular idea. Comfortable with transparency and developing solutions as a team
  • Experience in materials management, including procurement, inventory control, warehouse management, and inbound/outbound logistics
  • Excellent communication skills, including written, verbal and presentation skills; comfortable and credible with both internal stakeholders and external audiences.
  • Proven leader with high integrity
  • A flexible, dynamic, and proactive individual; able to motivate him/herself and others; a natural bias for action and ability to deal with ambiguity and change.
  • Computer proficiency with MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • BS/BA degree in business, operations, technical or related experience