Author Signing At the King’s English Tonight at 6pm – Kelly Johnson “The Window Builder”



Our author Kelly Johnson will be at The King’s English tonight at 6pm signing her book “The Window Builder”.

The Window Builder is a clever tale of a coping family fashioned with hope, realism, and a twist of Christmas magic. Readers will enjoy the tangible and symbolic meanings in this heart-tugging story of light. Kimberly Job, author of “I’ll Know You by Heart” said, “The Window Builder is a delightful Christmas read which evokes the feeling of warmth the holidays bring. The story . . . highlights the most important things in life””family, love, and the importance of paying it forward.”

The book tells the tale of a man who’s parents placed one special ornament on the tree first to herald the holiday season. But after his father’s death, Christmas hasn’t been the same. The man, Jason, learns that his mother has hidden the ornament in a drawer out of grief. She stays busy, but she harbors an underlying sadness that Jason dreams of relieving. He hopes the ornament is the key. He decides to replace a broken window in her bedroom with a full-size replica of a stained glass ornament that held special meaning to his parents. With the help of an unusual craftsman who calls himself ‘The Window Builder’, Jason gets a stunning view of his parents’ pasts and discovers a way to his mother’s heart that makes Christmas more meaningful than he could have ever imagined.

You can visit here to find out more about the book.