August 2018 New Releases!

Check out the newest releases from Cedar Fort!

Living in Your True Identity: Discover, Embrace, and Develop Your Own Divine Nature

Brooke Snow
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 128 pages
11.99USD, 13.99 CAD
Ready to find the true you? You won’t have to look far. Beneath the layers of society’s expectations, the roles you fill, and the messages you’ve been told, you’ll find your whole, perfect, and worthy self. This empowering book is filled with exercises and actions you can take today to begin experiencing more of your life in the best way ever—as you!

Thankful Tonight

Katherine Yundt, Jason Pruett
Plain Sight Publishing
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Board book:  22 pages
12.99 USD, 14.99 CAD
Snuggle up with your little ones and share a moment of gratitude. This sweet picture book features rhyming text and fun illustrations to encourage even the youngest children to think about all the things they’re thankful for. From family and friends to the wonders in the world around them, there’s always something to add to your children’s thankful list.

Parenting with the Spirit: The Answer is More Love

Marlene R. Ellingson
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 208 pages
14.99 USD, 16.99 CAD
With thirteen children and twenty-six grandchildren (and counting!), Marlene Ellingson has spent a lifetime figuring out how to become a better parent. Perhaps not surprisingly, the best answers come from a perfect parent—our Father in Heaven. Learn how to follow His example as you read through this book full of true-to-life experiences and practical daily parenting wisdom.

The Tailgate Cookbook: 75 Game-Changing Recipes for the Tastiest Tailgate Ever

Beth Peterson
Front Table Books
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 240 pages
24.99 USD, 28.99 CAD
Score big with these tailgate-ready recipes! With plenty of tried-and-true tips from a real-life tailgate expert, planning your pregame party has never been so easy. These dishes will have your fans cheering for more—from kick-off appetizers to victory-dance desserts. So grab your foam finger and get ready to be named your next party’s MVP.

Early Homecoming: A Resource for Early-Returned Missionaries, their Church Leaders, and Family

Kristen Reber
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 240 pages
16.99 USD, 19.99 CAD
When a mission doesn’t last as long as expected, it can be difficult to adjust to the change in plans. But every mission matters to our Heavenly Father. Based on personal experiences and scholarly research, this book helps loved ones, leaders, and returning missionaries navigate through the mixed emotions of an early release for <i>any</i> reason and press forward with faith.

The Hope Squad: the Successful Suicide Prevention Program for Youth

Greg Hudnall
Plain Sight Publishing
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 160 pages
13.99 USD, 15.99 CAD
It takes a village to raise a child, and in the case of youth suicide, it takes an entire community to save one. As a high school principal, Dr. Gregory A. Hudnall dealt with dozens of student suicides and devoted himself to bringing hope to despondent students. In this much-needed book, Dr. Hudnall teaches risk factors and warning signs of suicide and how you can be a member of the Hope Squad.

Mine Angels Round About You: Miraculous Accounts of the Lord’s Hand in the Mission Field

David Babbel
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 160 pages
14.99 USD. 16.99 CAD
Our God is a God of miracles, and His hand is perhaps most visible in the missionary efforts around the globe. In these true stories of modern-day miracles, one former mission president shares eyewitness accounts of his mission in Brazil, from incredible healings to angelic visitations. No matter the story, the message of each faith-promoting experience is the same: God is actively involved in the details of our lives.

Pain Relief: Managing Chronic Pain Through Traditional, Holistic, and Eastern Practices

David Cosio, PhD, ABPP
Plain Sight Publishing
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 224 pages
13.99 USD, 15.99 CAD
Free yourself from chronic pain without relying on addictive medications. In this comprehensive and empowering guide, Dr. Cosio discusses a wide variety of methods for pain management so that you can find the solution that works for you. Don’t let physical or mental pain rule you—take control of your life and discover a new, pain-free future.

Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor

Sarah L. McConkie
Sweetwater Books
Pub Date: 08/14/18
Paperback / softback: 272 pages
17.99 USD, 20.99 CAD
Wealthy socialite Christine Harrison’s life seems perfect until the man she planned to marry, Mr. Davenport, proposes to someone else. Heartbroken, Miss Harrison’s sure she’ll never love again, and to distract herself, she sets out to rescue a fallen young woman. Little does she know that her journey will reveal more than she expected about her friends, her seemingly perfect life, and her own heart.

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