August 2016 releases from Cedar Fort!

Blessing-the-Nephite-Children_9781462118755_webBlessing the Nephite Children

Catherine Christensen, Illustrated by Jay Fontano

Snuggle up with your kids and learn about Jesus’s visit to the Nephites. This colorful board book is perfectly designed for little fingers and small attention spans. Experience the beauty of Christ’s personal love in the Book of Mormon with your little ones and come to see the ways the Savior reaches out to them today.

9781462118755, 1462118755
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CAD
Board Book
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
CFI 20 pages 6inW | 6inH

Red-Porsche_9781462117864The Red Porsche (You’re Worth It): And Other Topics for Youth

David J. Ridges

Imagine a brand-new, pristine, cherry-red Porsche-and remember that you’re worth way more than that! Bestselling author David Ridges puts youth of the noble birthright behind the wheel of discovering how to recognize the Spirit, change lives, realize their potential, and much more. Learn to rev your spiritual engine and take control of your destiny, continuing up the road back to God.

9781462117864, 1462117864
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CAD
Juvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ Christian
CFI 112 pages 5.5 in | 7.5

Letters-from-Home-9781462118762_webLetters from Home: How to Lift Your Missionary and Unify Your Family

Robert Quinn, Shauri Dewey

Let your child’s mission transform your whole family. This empowering book will teach you how to turn the pain of separation in to joyful communion. Learn to read and write by the Spirit, making each letter from home a precious message that draws you and your missionary closer to God and to each other. Realize the promised blessings of missionary service for your entire family as you serve the Lord together.

“Most of us have framed our weekly letters to our missionaries and family members in far-away places as newsletters. Bob Quinn has framed this weekly ritual differently. By becoming missionaries ourselves, our letters can be written to inspire and motivate our family members to teach each other how to build the kingdom of God. This is an inspiring book.”
-Clayton Christensen, bestselling author of The Power of Everyday Missionaries

9781462118762, 1462118763
$16.99 USD, $19.99 CAD
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
CFI 256 pages 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


When-the-Lights-Came-On_9781462118816When the Lights Came On: Joseph Smith and the Return of Heavenly Manifestations

Trevan G. Hatch
Step back in time and watch the Restoration! Learn how God began the Restoration process even before Joseph stepped into the Sacred Grove in 1820. This insightful book highlights overlooked but significant facts, shedding new light on well-known events. Filled with contemporary first-person accounts, this faith-promoting book will help you recognize God’s hand in this final dispensation.

9781462118816, 146211881X
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CAD
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
CFI 224 pages 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


Temple-Reflecions_9781462118991_WEBTemple Reflections: Insights into the House of the Lord

Alonzo L. Gaskill

Understanding the temple is the pursuit of a lifetime. To help you on this journey, bestselling author Alonzo L. Gaskill has compiled this collection of his own temple insights. With chapters on the garment, the role of women in temple ceremonies, what it means to be God’s covenant people, and more, this enlightening book will help you see the temple in a new light.

9781462118991, 1462118992
$21.99 USD, $25.99 CAD Hardcover
Religion \ Christian Rituals & Practice
CFI 272 pages 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


Temples-Dot-the-Earth_9781462118427Temples Dot the Earth by Claire D’Ecsery, Illustrated by Kinsey Beckett

Families are forever all over the world! Teach your children about these beautiful temples. This board book includes maps dotted with temples to help your youngsters understand that the Lord loves every family, no matter where their home may be.

9781462118427, 1462118429 $9.99 USD
Board Book
Juvenile Fiction \ Religious \ Christian \ Learning Concepts
Pioneer Plus 16 pages 6inW | 6inH | 1inTh


cooking-through-college_9781462118663Cooking Through College: When You Can’t Stand Instant Noodles Another Day

Chelsea Jackson, A. N. Gephart

Tired of late-night popcorn stomachaches and greasy Chinese take-out stains on your bargain duvet? Stop wasting your money on cheap junk food and start investing it in delicious meals that won’t break your budget or disappoint your taste buds. Perfect for college students of all ages, these quick-and-easy recipes will satisfy your cravings in no time at all.

9781462118663, 1462118666 $15.99 USD
Cooking \ Methods \ Quick & Easy
Front Table Books 256 pages 7inW | 9inH | 1inTh


Multicooker-Cookbook_9781462119172Multicooker Cookbook: In the Kitchen

Allison Waggoner

A multicooker simply is a one-stop cooking pot which can roast, sauté, slow cook, steam, stew, sous vide, make yogurt, cook rice, and last but not least, bake!

You have the ease of cooking savory meals that simmer all day, but also imagine baking decadent cakes and breads to surprise and delight, or making tempting breakfast treats that nobody can resist.

The flexibility of the multicooker, together with over 220 recipes and photos included in this book, will surprise and inspire you to create enticing new menus. Find easy to follow recipes to create yummy specialized dishes.

Step into the world of multicooking, and together with these exhilarating new recipes, be galvanized into the next generation of one-stop cooking pot deliciousness.

9781462119172, 1462119174 $29.99 USD
Cooking \ Methods \ Special Appliances
Front Table Books 224 pages 7 in | 9 in


Enchanted-Kingdom_9781462119066Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book

Kimberly Kay, A. N. Gephart

Meet dazzling princesses, fantastic creatures, and enchanting princes in disguise in this beautifully intricate art. Abandon your cares as you color your way through a magical forest far, far away that’s perfect for artists of all ages. You’ll soon fall under the stress-relieving spell of this inky fantasy!

9781462119066, 1462119069 $14.99 USD
Games \ Activity Books
Plain Sight 80 pages 9inW | 9inH | 1inTh



Dear-Jane-9781462118939Dear Jane

Rachel Ward

The plan was to serve a mission, marry her boyfriend, and live happily ever after. But all of that changed when Quinn got a Dear Jane email. Now she’s stuck at home with no boyfriend, no job, no major, and absolutely no social life. Will Quinn ever find the path that leads to her eternal happiness?

9781462118939, 1462118933 $16.99 USD
Fiction \ Romance \ Contemporary
Bonneville 256 pages 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh





Echoing-978146211894The Echoing

Jessica Blackburn

Rylee has an unusual gift. It brings good luck to those who are kind to her and misfortune to those who are not-at least, that’s what the crazy woman in the woods tells her. But Rylee doesn’t believe it until strange coincidences start happening to her classmates and friends. Her gift may not be a matter of luck but of life and death.

9781462118946, 1462118941 $14.99 USD
Juvenile Fiction \ Fantasy & Magic
Bonneville 224 pages 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh





Accidentally-Me_9781462118670Accidentally Me

Kim Karras

WANTED: Pretend stalker. No experience required. Tall, dark, and quirky preferred. Sabrina is desperate to go to her dream college, but her parents want her to stay close to home. If she wants to maintain her perfect child image, Sabrina must break rules that even her rebel sister keeps . . .

9781462118670, 1462118674 $15.99 USD, $18.99 CAD
Juvenile Fiction \ Social Themes \ Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance
Sweetwater 256 pages 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh