August 2011 Releases

Real Mom Kitchen by Laura Powell

With easy recipes from the award-winning blog Real Mom Kitchen, you can play chauffeur and still have a homemade dinner with your family. Using real food that real people eat, Laura Powell shares her convenient and yummy recipes so that you too can be “Keepin’ it real in the kitchen.” They’re sure to be loved by the whole family!


My Girlfriends Boyfriend By Elodia StrainMy Girlfriend’s Boyfriend by Elodia Strain

Jesse is looking for the “right guy.” When she bumps into Ethan, a despairing writer who she inspires, she thinks she’s found him. But only moments later she meets Troy, a successful advertising executive who makes almost every moment romantic. Both seem perfect, but things aren’t always what they seem in this fun romance that blends warm sincerity with fresh storytelling.


101 Gourmet Cakebites by Wendy Paul

Easy recipes and helpful hints will have even a beginning baker creating delicious gourmet cake bites, cake balls, and cake pops right at home! With recipes like Raspberry Lemonade, A Rockier Road, and Love at First Bite, there’s a cake bite to make any day a special occasion. Though theyʼre cute on the outside, discover for yourself why Wendy Paul says, “Itʼs whatʼs on the inside that counts!”


Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth by Andy Hueller

From the horrible orphanage at the center of the earth to his untamed red hair, Calvin Comet Cobble’s life is out of his control. But when he meets Mr. E, who can skip a stone clear across Lake Arctic, everything about Cal’s life changes. Told with wit and humor, this book is guaranteed to charm readers of all ages.


Faithful Fit and Fabulous by Connie SokolFaithful, Fit, and Fabulous: Get Back to Basics and Transform Your Life – in just 8 Weeks! by Connie Sokol

Filled with humor and “I can relate” life experiences, Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous is the ideal 8-week life boost that will refresh any woman’s life. Create a personal and effective life plan, and learn how to readily apply it in your busy daily life. Establish holy habits, feel fit and fabulous, and get organized. Just one goal a week for eight weeks””it’s simple and fun.


The Forgotten Skills of Self Sufficiency used by the Mormon Pioneers by Caleb WarnockThe Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers by Caleb Warnock

Many people dream of becoming self-reliant during these times of fluctuating prices and uncertain job security. Using truly simple techniques, you can cultivate the pioneers’ independence to provide safety against lost wages, harsh weather, economic recession, and commercial contamination and shortages. Strengthen your family’s self-reliance as you discover anew the joy of homegrown food, thrift, and self-sufficient living.


Out of the Killing Fields into the Light by Penne ConradOut of the Killing Fields–Into the Light: Interviews with Mormon Converts from Cambodia by Penne D. Conrad

During the time the Khmer Rouge communists ruled Cambodia, over a million people were tortured and killed. This book chronicles the miracles a dozen Cambodian refugees who found their way out of the killing fields and into the light and joy of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Inspirational and touching, these fascinating stories will fill you with appreciation and awe.

Minor Adjustments by Rachael Renee AndersonMinor Adjustments by Rachael Renee Anderson

Chicago businessman and bachelor Devon Pierce is completely unprepared to be the guardian of Australian four-year-old Ryan Caldwell. But Ryan’s solicitor, Stella Walker, won’t take no for an answer. Little does Devon know this “minor” adjustment will grant him a future he never expected to have. Told in a fast-paced, poignant, and witty style, Minor Adjustments will take you on a journey of humor, growth, romance, and love.


Dude Dont Be a Lemuel by David BowmanDude, Don’t Be a Lemuel: A Teenage Guide to Avoiding Lemuelitis by David Bowman

Dude, do you have Lemuelitis? With this hilarious and insightful guide, you’ll learn how to identify the symptoms and use the cures in just a few easy steps! Catch the vision of your eternal potential, and prepare for an ultimate change of heart while hearing Lemuel’s side of Nephi’s story. Humorously told and filled with illustrations, tips, and insights, this book is sure to entertain and edify teens toward their eternal potential.


Virtues and Values: 52 Weeks of Family Night Fun by Laura Blanco and Silvia CarbonellVirtues and Values: 52 Weeks of Family Night Fun by Laura Blanco and Silvis Carbonell

A colorful and engaging new activity book is here for parents and teachers to help children learn timeless values including respect, faith, responsibility, joy, and many more! With these fun stories, easy crafts, 52 scriptures from the Bible, and a CD with printable activities, your child can focus on a specific virtue each week and enjoy learning all year long!


The Guardians of Innocence by Mary MullerThe Guardians of Innocence: A Parents Guide to Protecting Children from Pronography by Mary Muller

Passwords and filters alone cannot protect your children from the ugly world of pornography. Supplement your precautions with tools, tips, and research from experts. Take the time now to educate yourself and your family on how to carefully navigate the Internet and wisely use cell phones and other media devices to avoid the damage caused from even accidental run-ins with pornography.


A Bible Fit for the Restoration by Andrew SkinnerA Bible Fit for the Restoration: The Epic Struggle that Brought Us the King James Version by Andrew C. Skinner

The year 2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible. A Bible Fit for the Restoration pays tribute to those heroes of the Christian faith who gave everything they had””health, wealth, reputation, and in some cases even their very lives””for the single-minded purpose of bringing about the great miracle that is the King James Bible””the catalyst for the Restoration.


Hoofbeats by Lee NelsonHoofbeats by Lee Nelson

This touching and humorous personal history from author Lee Nelson explores his life from basic training in the Marine Corps to raising children and running businesses. Dive into stories such as Lee speaking at the state prison to a hall full of killers and bank robbers, and discover the importance of keeping a family history. Learn and laugh from Lee’s life experiences, and be inspired to write your own.



101 Cupcakes Gourmet Cupcakes by Wendy Paul101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes by Wendy Paul

A yummier-than-life book featuring delicious cupcake recipes from Wendy Paul’s beloved 101 Gourmet Cupcakes plus 9 Bonus Recipes. Each page is filled with delectable indulgence as well as helpful baking tips and the best part is that none of these recipes takes longer than 10 minutes. With enough mouth-watering treats to last all year, this book makes the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion.


Following the Light of Christ into His Presence by John M. PontiusFollowing the Light of Christ into His Presence by John M. Pontius

John M. Pontius brings to light simple ways to recognize and implement personal revelation in your life. Inside you’ll find the grand keys that will help make accessible to everyone receiving daily guidance, answers to prayers, and much more. With this book at your side, you’ll be better prepared to prosper along your life’s journey and accomplish the work the Lord has planned for you.


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