Association for Mormon Letters lists 13 Cedar Fort titles as recommended reading

The Association for Mormon Letters’ Andrew Hall identified 13 Cedar Fort titles as “recommended novels” in his 2012 Mormon Literature Year In Review article.

Hall breaks his recommendations down into several categories, including historical fiction, mystery/suspense, contemporary romance and young adult.

Here are the Cedar Fort titles that Hall recommended:

“Rifts of Rime” by Steven L. Peck
“Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem” by Melissa Lemon
“Delivering Hope” by Jennifer Holt
“Enduring Light” by Carla Kelly
“Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand” by Carla Kelly
“The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume” by Lisa Rumsey Harris
“Family By Design” by Heather Justesen
“Caller ID” by Rachelle J. Christensen
“Lightning Tree” by Sarah Dunster
“Carnival Girl” by Sonja Herbert
“Crater Lake” by Steve Westover
“The Kindling” by Braden Bell
“The Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero” by Matthew Peterson

Each of these titles is available in bookstores and on and