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Once Upon a Time: An Adoption Story

Bio:I am a stay-at-home mother of 4 adopted children. My husband, Drew, and I live the little town of Elk Ridge, Utah. I grew up in Mississippi and graduated from Belhaven College in 1988 with a degree in Elementary Education. I love children’s literature. I started my library long before I even had children to read to. Although I dreamed of someday writing my own book, I never had the inspiration I needed to get started. That was until my husband and I adopted our first child. I went on a quest to find the perfect book to read to our daughter about her journey to our family. I found nothing that would help answer the questions I knew she would have someday. I just felt in my heart that this was a story I needed to share. That’s when my book was born. All three of our beautiful children were adopted at birth. Their adoption stories are much like the many stories I’ve heard before but that I’ve never seen in print. It’s the story that needed to be written for everyone touched by adoption.

When deciding which illustrator to use to bring my story to life, I knew immediately I wanted Amy Hintze, the artist behind the book I Chose You. Her art is amazing and so true to life which is what this book needed. Which led me to Cedar Fort Publishing. I was so grateful that they agreed to take a chance and publish this book.

I am also a wanna-be photographer so when Amy agreed to let me photograph my vision for each page, I knew I had taken the right path. After all, every detail of this book had been in my head for years. I just didn’t know how to get that on the page. Luckily she did. She and I worked so closely together on this project that I know this has become her story too.