Arizona author seeks to create author community to promote books

Pima Boutique Show
Authors Randy Lindsay & Laura L. Walker at the Pima Boutique Show

Author Randy Lindsay (check out his website/blog here and here) wrote me a letter to let me know that he wanted to help foster a wider community of authors especially authors in Arizona. He attends lots of events and participates in other activities to promote books and would like to help others to promote their books. 

When I sat down to write my first novel it didn’t occur to me that I would eventually have to spend time convincing people to buy it. I thought the writer’s job was to write stories and once they finished with a novel they moved on to the next one. But that isn’t how it works. Getting a novel published only means you’re ready for the next stage in an author’s career—marketing.

A good portion of the creative process is done alone and in the comfort of our chosen writing spot. Marketing requires authors to put themselves in plain view of the public. The good news is you don’t have to do this alone.

Over the last year, I’ve been working with my fellow Cedar Fort authors in Arizona. We share information on events where authors can market their books. Having a presence at these events can help you sell books.

I am offering my assistance to the Cedar Fort authors in Arizona. There are three ways in which I believe I can help:

  1. Sharing my experience. What I’ve noticed is that all of us have some information we can share with others that will be beneficial to them. I’m willing to share what I’ve discovered about marketing. Feel free to e-mail me at with questions or suggestions.
  2. Event sharing. Working together we can discover more marketing opportunities than we can alone. If you know of an event you can tell me about it and I will pass it along to the rest of the Arizona authors. If I have an event that needs authors I will send out a notice to let you know about it. I am often asked to schedule local events and need authors from specific genres to speak on panels or even to teach workshops. Occasionally, I have room at my event table for another author and would love the company.
  3. Handing out marketing materials. I attend a large number of events and am working to attend even more. If you are interested in having me display your marketing materials (bookmarks, pamphlets, etc) at the events I attend, then we can make arrangements for you to send me the materials you would like distributed. They can be part of the clean fiction campaign I plan to promote in Arizona.

Do you have an idea or suggestion that I didn’t mention? Send me an e-mail and we can see about including it as part of my multi-author marketing effort.

If you have any general marketing questions, you can also email me at