April’s New Releases!

We have some super exciting titles coming out this month! Check them out!

The Third by Abel Keogh, Dystopian Novel, anti-earth day, over populationThe Third by Abel Keogh (Visit Abel’s website to pre-order a signed copy)

The only way your kids are going to have any future is if we get this world back to a livable condition. The only way we’re going to do that is with fewer people. People are the problem, not the solution.”

When Ransom Lawe, a Recycler in the Pacific Northwest, finds out his wife is pregnant with their third, and therefore illegal, child, he’s forced to choose between the government who proclaims a desire to save the planet and his hope for a place where his family can live in freedom. But with the Census Bureau Sentinels closing in on his wife and unborn child, Ransom’s choice will either save his family or tear them apart forever.

Abel Keogh offers a stark and haunting look at a not-so-distant future in this thrilling new novel. Crossing lines between good and evil, freedom and oppression, and political and environmental responsibility, The Third is a heart-wrenching tale of intense loyalty and unconditional love.


Outdoor Survival, camping, wilderness, booksEvery Man’s Guide to Outdoor Survival by Dale Martin

Whether you’re already an outdoor enthusiast or just deciding to go outside after years as a couch potato, survival expert Dale Martin offers clear, easy-to-follow, and practical tips on how to start a fire, stockpile supplies, improvise hunting tools, how to prepare for the stress of potential life-or-death situations, and more!

In these uncertain times, you never know what social, political, or economic upheaval might bring, but now, no matter what, you’ll feel safe and secure knowing you’ve prepared for the worst with Every Man’s Guide to Outdoor Survival.

Wings of light, YA Fantasy, Elves, magicWings of Light by Laura Bingham

In Älvor, sixteen-year-old Erin and her twin brother, Bain, chose to leave their normal lives, step into the magical world, and become immortal elves. Now they search for the truth behind their missing mother, and the closer they come to the truth, the more they learn how the forces of evil are threatening both the magical and the normal worlds they love.

Warning: If elves, spells, dragon-riding, intrigue, mystery, danger, romance, and intercontinental pizza hopping are too much for your heart, you should NOT read this book. Otherwise…



Thriller, Government, novelSudden Peril by Frank Richardson

The Freemen Foundation has only one purpose: to find and expose the most aggressive and deadly secret organizations in the world. And the Foundation will do anything necessary to achieve its goal. So when Jamie Madero signs on as a summer intern, he is soon embroiled in a high-stakes game of intrigue and deception. Outnumbered, outgunned, and out-resourced by ruthless opponents, Jamie and his fellow Insiders must rely on instinct, training, and the help of unexpected friends to survive.

With surprises at every turn and a plot that moves at break-neck speed, Frank Richard’s Sudden Peril is a thrill ride so intense, you’ll feel your heart racing from the very first page.


300 Questions Parents by Shannon Alder, genealogy, family history, family relationships300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It’s Too Late by Shannon Alder

Your parents are a rich resource of wisdom that you can easily tap into with the help of this guide. Other family history books make you dig to find answers, this book provides places for note-taking and the perfect questions to provoke awe-inspiring answers from your own parents. Find out their views on a variety of topics, such as marriage, religion, love, politics, what they expect from you, and more!

Learn what your parents were like as children, who influenced them, and how their life experiences shaped them into the people they are today. With over 300 questions to ask, you’ll never run out of things to say. Obtain a deeper understanding and a better relationship with the ones you love before it’s too late.


Coming of Age Novel, Family reunion, refined lifeBalance by Jean Stringham

Twelve-year-old Adele Walker has always wanted just one thing: an elegant life. Sadly, with a pack of noisy younger siblings””plus a whole horde of cousins””her family is a far cry from the polite society she longs for. Not to mention the fact that her distinctly unrefined parents still treat her like a little girl. But there’s a fine line between sophisticated and just plain stuck-up. Can Adele find a balance?

Jean Stringam returns with another skillfully crafted coming-of-age novel. Enjoy a family reunion with all your favorite characters from The Hoarders and fall in love with this endearing and honest tale of a life striving for maturity. Exquisitely written and full of surprises, this story is sure to stick with you long after you turn the last page.


28 Tips to Become a Great Grandpa by Lorin Barber

Lorin Barber knows from experience that it takes some effort to be a great grandpa, but he also knows that it’s the most rewarding work you could do. (And besides, you can leave all the serious tasks to Grandma!) In this handy guidebook, Lorin has compiled a list of hilarious and helpful tips to turn you into the greatest grandpa on the block.

With space to reflect on your personal history and lots of advice for improving your relationship with each of your grandkids, this book is guaranteed to bring your whole family together as you create priceless memories for generations to come.


Utah, Coming of Age Novel, sheep, juvenile fictionWasatch Summer by Anola Pickett

It’s 1889 in Cache Valley, Utah, and times are hard for the Turner family. Though she’s only eleven, Hannah must take the family sheep for summer mountain grazing””all by herself. With only two dogs, a couple of chickens, and a little sheepherder’s camp, she courageously protects the sheep from all kinds of dangers. But when the rumbles in the night turn out to be more than just sounds from her stomach, Hannah must rely on the help of newfound friends and Heavenly Father to overcome her fears and make the right decisions.

This delightful debut by Anola Picket will enthrall young and old alike. Take a step back in time to join Hannah in her adventures.

Leadership skills, teenagers, youth, leadingStepping Up, Taking Charge and Leading the Way: A Guide for Teenage Leaders by Shane Barker

Think you’re too young to lead? Think again. Becoming a leader can come with a mountain of challenges. But don’t let yourself get discouraged. In this valuable guide, you’ll learn to rise to the task by generating enthusiasm, setting goals, and creating unity in your group.

Author Shane Barker is both entertaining and insightful as he shares his experiences and trains you to become the best leader you can be. Successfully innovate, energize, and organize any group as you step up, take charge, and lead the way!


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