April LDS nonfiction new releases have prayerful attitudes

April LDS releasesDavid J. Ridges’ booklet “Unlocking the Power of Your Priesthood” and David A. Christensen’s “Power in Prayer: 31 Teaching to Strengthen Our Connection with Heaven” comprise our LDS nonfiction releases for April and are geared to improve your relationship with God.

These, and all of our publishing house’s releases, will hit the market on April 8 and will be available in bookstores and from online retailers. You can also pre-order them prior to April 8.

Power-in-Prayer_2x3“Power in Prayer: 31 Teachings to Strengthen Our Connection with Heaven”
by David A. Christensen

Take a minute to gauge your relationship with God. Do you underestimate the power of prayer? This daily guide, with insights from General Authorities, scriptures, personal experiences, and commentary, will enrich and empower your prayers. As these thoughts increase your understanding of the significance of your prayers, your communication with God will be an unprecedented source of strength in your life.


“Unlocking the Power of Your Priesthood” by David J. Ridges


You never know when you will be called upon to exercise the priesthood. In this Father’s Day booklet, David J. Ridges shares examples of priesthood power in action and addresses ways to strive to be ready at all times to administer to the sick and give blessings of counsel and comfort. Gain confidence and preparation so that you can use the priesthood at a moment’s notice.