April 2012 Releases

The Incredible Edible Landscape by Joy Bossi and Karen Bastow, Gardening, Home Improvement, Healthy foodThe Incredible Edible Landscapeby Joy Bossi and Karen Bastow

Do you want your garden to replace the grocery store? Learn to landscape and maintain a yard that is beautiful, sustainable,andedible. Save time and money as master gardeners Joy Bossi and Karen Bastow help you grow fresh produce right outside your door. Now you can keep your garden in peak condition as you harvest, store, and preserve the delicious things you grow all around your house.

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Emerald City by Alicia K. Leppert, Paranormal Romance, Fiction booksEmerald Cityby Alicia K. Leppert

Olivia’s sad, solitary life in Seattle comes dangerously close to ending one fateful night, if not for a neighbor saving her in the nick of time. Curious about her mysterious rescuer, she seeks him out in hope of getting some answers, but instead finds something she never thought she’d have again.

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Best of the Black Pot: Must-Have Dutch Oven Favorites by Mark Hansen, Dutch Oven Cookbooks, outdoor eating,Best of the Black Pot: Must-Have Dutch Oven Favoritesby Mark Hansen

MarksBlackPot.com is one of the longest-running Dutch oven blogs on the Internet. Now you can have Mark’s greatest recipes in this convenient-to-take-camping book””from easy, traditional dishes, like Dutch Oven Chicken and Potatoes, to more elaborate preparations, like Parmesan-Crusted Cornish Hens. Rounded out with chapters on breads, desserts, side dishes, and even healthier Dutch ovening, this book will have you cooking like a master from the start.

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Cobble Cavern: Book 1 of the Flin's Destiny Series by Erik Olsen, Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy and Magic, Middle Grade BooksCobble Cavern: Book 1 of the Flin’s Destiny Seriesby Erik Olsen

What starts out as a fun field trip to Ireland turns into a life-changing adventure after a huge earthquake traps Flin and his debate teammates under the ocean. There they find an unknown civilization filled with danger, incredible beasts, and new discoveries. Join Flin and his friends as they fight their way back to the surface in this thrilling adventure story.

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Dad Rules: A Simple Manual for a Complex Job by Treion Muller, Family and Relationships, FatherhoodDad Rules: A Simple Manual for a Complex Jobby Treion Muller

Kids don’t come with a manual and so far there’s no app for fatherhood, but that doesn’t mean you should parent empty-handed. No matter what fathering challenges you face, you can find the answer in here””along with a healthy dose of humor. Whether you’re a dad to tots or teens, these simple but effective dad rules are guaranteed to get the job done right.

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Lightning Tree by Sarah Dunster, LDS YA Historical Fiction, Young Adult booksLightning Treeby Sarah Dunster

After surviving the tragic deaths of her parents and her baby sister and a harrowing trek across the plains to Utah, it’s no surprise that Maggie’s nights are plagued by nightmares. But after years of harsh treatment by her foster family and memories that seem to hint at an unthinkable crime, Maggie is forced to strike out on her own to separate the facts from the lies.

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Defenders of Faith: The Book of Mormon from a Soldier's Perspective by Douglas J. Bell, Religion, LDS, Book of Mormon, Study Helps

Defenders of Faith: The Book of Mormon from a Soldier’s Perspectiveby Douglas J. Bell

Learn about the leaders of the Book of Mormon in an incredible new way””from a latter-day soldier’s perspective. The heroes of the Book of Mormon were not only great prophets, but were also warriors, patriots, and defenders of liberty. They give depth to the witness that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Strengthen your testimony and love of these inspiring men with the unique perspective of a modern warrior.

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Dad, Are You There? by Kenny Kemp, Fiction books, Inspirational books

Dad, Are You There?by Kenny Kemp

Just in time for Father’s Day, this touching tale begins with a young boy looking for reassurance and a father struggling to stay connected. As both grow older, you’ll find yourself caught up in the vivid images of a family in turmoil. Touching and tender, this inspiring story is sure to remind readers everywhere of the pure love that comes from the Father we all share.

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Dad's Night: Fantastic Family Nights in Five Minutes by Trina Boice, Religious, LDS nonfictionDad’s Night: Fantastic Family Nights in Five Minutesby Trina Boice

Even the busiest father still wants to be the spiritual leader in his home. And now he can! Written specifically for dads, this handy guide includes everything he needs to plan and pull off a great family night in no time. Now he can forget the stress of preparing and focus on what’s really important””a weekly tradition that will bless your family for years to come.

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Day by day, moment to moment, a good father can change the world for his children and generations to come. Find out exactly how in this engaging book for hands-on dads everywhere. Through scholarly research and real-world examples, you’ll learn how seemingly ordinary daily acts have the power to change a father into someone extraordinary in the eyes of his children.

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A Door in the Woods, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 1 by James Dashner, Juvenile Fiction books, Fantasy and MagicA Door in the Woods, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 1 by James Dashner

Jimmy Fincher never expected that a normal day in the woods would drastically change his life. Deep in the forest, he discovers an old wooden door, setting off a chain of events that explode into a torrent of suspense and excitement. One mysterious door is going to change the world . . . forever.

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A Gift of Ice, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 2 by James Dashner, juvenile fiction books, Fantasy and magicA Gift of Ice, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 2 by James Dashner

In an impossible place under a door in the woods, Jimmy Fincher received the first of four gifts, given by a mysterious and desperate people trying to save the world from a ruthless enemy. Now, Jimmy flees to Japan in search of the second gift. Peril is inescapable, and mysteries abound as Jimmy receives a haunting warning: THE STOMPERS ARE COMING.

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The Tower of Air, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 3 by James Dashner, juvenile fiction books, Fantasy and MagicThe Tower of Air, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 3 by James Dashner

Jimmy Fincher has been given two powerful gifts, and with them a responsibility he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy. Time is running out, and Jimmy finds himself in a desperate search for the third gift. The entire world is on the edge of chaos, and the most terrifying secret of all is about to be revealed””the identity of the Stompers.

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War of the Black Curtain by James Dashner, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 4, Juvenile Fiction books, Fantasy and Magic

War of the Black Curtain, Jimmy Fincher Saga Book 4by James Dashner

The Black Curtain has ripped open, allowing the Shadow Ka to rule the lands with a mighty vengeance. The Black Coma is consuming the people of the Earth, and the world looks grim. Jimmy Fincher must accomplish the impossible and solve the Riddle of the Red Disk to receive the fourth gift and save the world.

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The Three Nephites and Other Translated Beings by Bruce E. Dana, LDS nonfictionThe Three Nephites and Other Translated Beings by Bruce E. Dana

Though there have been many translated beings seen on earth, none seem to have captured the interest and intrigue of the Latter-day Saint people as have the Three Nephites. Through the scriptures and the words of General Authorities, this well-documented and easy-to-read book provides a wealth of historical information about translated beings””information that is finally brought together under one cover.

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