‘Amazing Hairstyles’ a great resource for wedding updos

flower-girl-hairstylesWedding season is in full swing, with thousands of brides ready to say “I do” this month. Now is the perfect time to be thinking of fun ways to make the event special for the rest of the wedding party. What better way to make the day memorable for bridesmaids and flower girls than to give each of them a little extra attention—including a gorgeous hairstyle?

Becky Porter, author of Amazing Hairstyles: From Easy to Elegant, has created an entire book full of step-by-step styles that you can duplicate in minutes. From stylish twists and braids to fancy buns and full updos, you’ll find a style that will make even the tiniest flower girl feel special. Add a crown of flowers or a sprig of baby’s breath, and you’ll instantly make everyone in the party feel some of that princess glow they see in the bride.

One simple but elegant style for bridesmaids with longer hair is “Beautiful Braided Buns.” You’ll find full step-by-step illustrations for this style plus dozens of others in the book.

Step 1: Slightly back-comb the hair on top of the head and the crown area for added volume.


Step 2: With this same section of hair, carefully comb the top layer to make it smooth. Be careful not to comb out the teased hair underneath. Draw the hair back at each temple to make a slight bouffant or pouf.


Step 3: Secure the hair with a couple of bobby pins, forming an X to make it secure.


Step 4: Divide the hair into three sections. Don’t make any defined parts. Just separate the sections with your hands.


Step 5: Starting on the right side, plait a regular 3-strand braid in each section. Secure the end of each braid with a hair elastic.


Step 6: Pancake each braid (pull gently at the sides of the braid to flatten it out) to loosen them up a bit and make them appear wider. This is especially helpful if the hair you are working with is thin.


Step 7: Starting on the right, wrap the first braid up into a bun and secure with bobby pins as needed. If the hair you are working with is shorter, don’t wrap the bun too tightly or it will appear “knobby.” Move to the middle braid and wrap it into a bun. Try to wrap it so it touches the edge of the braid on the right.


Step 8: Wrap the bun on the left into a third bun and secure with bobby pins. Try to have the edge of it touch the bun in the middle to avoid a gap between them. Mist entire hairstyle with hair spray.


That’s it! In only minutes, you’ve created an updo that will feel glamorous.

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