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About Us

Cedar Fort began in 1986 with Lyle Mortimer and Lee Nelson working together to release the book Beyond the Veil, Volume 1. Since then, Cedar Fort has grown and currently produces uplifting fiction and non-fiction books that are known across the globe. We have a solid catalog of LDS fiction and non-fiction, general release titles, including cookbooks, clean romance, and young adult adventures, and an LDS-oriented product line.

Cedar Fort’s Vision

We want to publish uplifting and edifying books that help people think about what is important in life, books people enjoy reading to relax and feel better about themselves, and books to help improve lives. Whether or not a book is written specifically to the LDS market, all of our books should be suitable and uplifting for any group. Our authors believe, as do we, that books should inspire readers to be better people, and we strive to always publish books that are in harmony with that spirit.

In the past few years we have grown substantially, and we hope to continue growing, bringing more authors and more great books into the marketplace. We are also excited to increase our CD and DVD product lines.

Cedar Fort’s Mission Statement and Motto

It is the mission of Cedar Fort to gather and develop life-enhancing and inspiring ideas and products, and convey them to our customers in the most professional, friendly and efficient manner while providing for our families.

Be Clean: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain!

Cedar Fort’s Imprints

Cedar Fort, Inc., consists of ten imprints, Sweetwater Books, Bonneville Books, Front Table Books, Hobble Creek Press, Plain Sight Publishing, Horizon Publishers, Council PressKing Dragon Press, CFI, and Pioneer Plus. Each imprint offers fun and exciting titles for all ages.

  • The CFI imprint features LDS religious nonfiction books.
  • Sweetwater Books consists of our national juvenile, young adult, and adult fiction titles.
  • Bonneville Books includes our LDS fiction titles for all ages with stories to inspire and engage.
  • Front Table Books consists of beautifully designed cookbooks full of delicious recipes.
  • Hobble Creek Press features our outdoor cooking, Dutch oven cooking, gardening, and outdoor survival.
  • Plain Sight Publishing presents our lifestyle and life-enhancing general interest nonfiction titles, including self-help, parenting, relationship, crafting, and other nonfiction books.
  • Horizon Publishers produces LDS nonfiction and interest books of all categories.
  • Council Press presents our collection of historical western fiction and nonfiction.
  • King Dragon Press has our martial arts books.
  • Our non-book items, including jewelry, artwork, stationery, and other products for LDS families are produced through Pioneer Plus.

We are proud of the success of our imprints, and we continue to strive to provide excellent quality books and products to the public.

Cedar Fort’s Leadership

Bryce Mortimer, President and Owner

Bryce Mortimer is an entrepreneur and problem solver, innovating systems and processes for over ten years. Currently serving as president of Cedar Fort, Inc. Bryce loves the storytelling industry and the opportunity to develop products that can bless lives. He has served on the Pub West Executive Committee and LDS Bookseller’s Association Board of Directors and was a founding board member of LDS Publishing and Media Association. Bryce served a full-time mission for the LDS church in London, England from 2004-2006. He and his wife, Jessica, have three children; two sons, Lyam and Sawyer, and a daughter named Lenora. They currently live in Santaquin, Utah where they enjoy raising a family, beekeeping, and serving in their local community..


Wayne Dupin, Director of Operations

Wayne Dupin serves as the Operations Director for Cedar Fort overseeing the Finance, HR and Operations teams. Before joining Cedar Fort, Wayne served as Chief Procurement Office for Vivint Smart Home, Vice President of the company’s Global Operations unit and as a member of Vivint Executive Council. He was responsible for leading an integrated organization consisting of the Financial Planning and Analytics, Operations, Global Sourcing,  Supply Chain and Global Services, with a collective employee base of more than 2,000 employees. Wayne retired from Vivint in 2017.

Wayne has a B.S. Degree in Property Management from the University of Alaska and an B.A. in Business Management from Western Governors University.  He and his wife Vanee have 5 children and 11 grandchildren and reside in Alpine, UT.


Darren Poulsen, Director of Production

Darren Poulsen has 16+ years of product and creative development experience with the industry’s top leadership and corporate training companies. He loves innovating, pushing the boundaries on conventional thinking, and challenging the status quo. Darren graduated from University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s in International Spanish and a minor in Business. He currently lives in Lehi with his family.




Bevan Olsen, Director of Logistics

Bevan Olsen has been a part of Cedar Fort for more than ten years. As the warehouse manager and a Cedar Fort author, he has rich experience with every part of production, from the book editing process to warehouse organization. He’s passionate about the business of publishing. Along with being the warehouse manager, an author, and a serious gardener, he’s a husband and the father of five.






Lorraine Gaufin, Director of Acquisitions

Lorraine Gaufin brings many years of successful business development understanding and community leadership experience to Cedar Fort. She enjoys making a difference in people’s lives by working with prospective and established authors to create inspirational books and uplifting media. Lorraine lives happily ever after with her husband in Orem.
She loves gardening and is always happiest with dirt under her fingernails.




Luke Selway, Director of Sales

Luke Selway graduated from the University of Greenwich, London with a degree in Business Administration. He spent 12 years with Citi and Bank of America as an analyst & a finance manager within their investment banking divisions. After relocating to Queensland, Australia in 2007, he earned his MBA and a Master of International Business at USC, additionally attaining CPA designation shortly after. He went on to develop his career within sales and marketing, finding a passion for digital revenue creation strategies and inside sales leadership. His passion for tackling new challenges, along with his love for education and working with truly life changing products has brought him to Cedar Fort. He and his wife Susan have 3 daughters and reside in Cedar Hills, Utah. They love traveling the world to see new things & experience interesting cultures. Luke also enjoys cycling, skiing and occasionally throwing a basketball at the hoop – sometimes it even goes in!



Vikki Butler, Marketing Manager

 Vikki Downs is the marketing manager at Cedar Fort Publishing and Media. Her passion for supporting and magnifying the gifts and talents of mission-driven creators is joyfully expressed in her work with authors and industry professionals at Cedar Fort. While the strategies for gaining reach and engagement in this digital market often mirror the profile for building a cult, Vikki promises to use her powers for good not evil and help readers find their next favorite author.





6 thoughts on “About Us

  • June 18, 2013 at 9:06 am


    Dear Editor,

    I am interested in finding a publisher to bring out my short stories, “Three Creeks Stories” as a collection. These stories developed from my graduate work at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I am trained as a teacher and have focused my recent work on teaching humanities and writing. I am a Fellow of the National Writing Project, and have published in academic and literary journals.

    My imaginary town of “Three Creeks, Ohio” has an introductory video on Youtube; Also we are on Facebook, where one can find audioclips of some of the stories. So far, the stories seem to have been well recieved, and I feel called to try and publish them. This is a faith step for me.

    Ms. Susan G. Wooldridge, CA poet, recommends my work. Ms. Joan Wester Anderson, IL writer. knows of my work. I have a vignette in her collection: “Dog Tails”.

    Many thanks for your kind consideration of my inquiry.

    All the Best,
    Me (Mary Ellen) Hansburg

  • August 26, 2014 at 2:49 am

    We we’re given the book “The Pioneers – A Course in Miracles” for Christmas. The second story in the book titled “Bread Alone” is about my husband’s grandfather and family. We desperately would like to buy 15 more copies of this book. I sincerely hope you can help us. From Anna Marie Scow

    • September 17, 2014 at 7:09 pm

      Anna- You can order copies of the book by calling our order department at 801-489-4084. Amazon also carries the book.

  • September 12, 2014 at 12:10 am

    I am requesting to use some material from your book, “Israel’s Lost Ten Tribes” by Vaughn E. Hansen, PhD.

    I am writing a book, entitled, “The Origins and Future of America, Great Britain and Germany.” It is being published by Outskirts Press in Parker, CO. I am requesting to use the following material from Hansen’s book as follows:

    Druidism was the religion of England at the time. Christ apostles brought Christianity to Britain. Their teachings were readily accepted because a foundation as already there. (Hansen, p17)
    Sir Henry Morton Stanley, famous British explorer, describes circle of stones from Mt. Gerizim (the Mount of God) from Palestine to the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, the coast of Western Europe, to Portugal, Bay of Biscay in Brittany and on to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All of these stone circles are very similar. It is believed that these are the wayward marks for the Israelites to follow. Besides naming places after Dan, the Danites provided signs of using stone circles and cairns. Stonehenge is one of the more elaborate stone circles.

    Dr George Manning

  • September 12, 2014 at 12:12 am

    I forget to supply the page number for the second paragraph. It is p26-27.

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