A mystery for the ages, an adventure in our time

Adventure is reborn February 9, 2016, when Aaron Blaylock’s debut novel, “The Land of Look Behind,” hits bookshelves everywhere. 

Land-of-Look-Behind-9781462117956SPRINGVILLE, Utah (January 14, 2016) — A mysterious symbol, tucked in an old journal, draws former missionary Gideon Goodwin back to Jamaica with dreams of finding a secreted treasure. Gideon, and his best friend, Todd, follow the enigmatic clues in the journal of Lieutenant Benjamin Jarvis that lead them to a land of myth, treasure and adventure.  Separated by centuries, their paralleled journeys lead them all to a forbidden cave in the treacherous cockpit country of Jamaica.  Their perilous quest to reach the cave challenges their resolve, their friendships and their perception of the world as it puts them in opposition of dark forces set to protect the cave and its secrets.

“Aaron Blaylock’s first book hooks you from the first chapter as he begins to tell a tale from two ends, the past and present. You’ll debate which you enjoy more until the gripping surprise end.” –Tom Blodgett The Arizona Republic

“‘The Land of Look Behind’ is a captivating read by a promising, talented new author. This thrilling story of ‘Look Behind’ was thoroughly entertaining!” -Alyson Peterson, author of “Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior’s Return”

See the official trailer below.

About the Author

profileBorn and raised in Arizona, Aaron Blaylock came of age in the suburbs of Sacramento, California, and as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Jamaica.

He married his childhood crush in 2001 and together they are raising four beautiful and rambunctious children in Mesa, Arizona.  He worked as a freelance sports reporter for The Arizona Republic for nearly ten years, combining his love of writing and sports.  When not working, writing, or serving at church, Blaylock volunteers as a soccer and baseball coach for his children.  

His storytelling draws heavily from his love of history and adventure, his faith, and his own life experiences.

Launch Party

Come meet the author at “The Land of Look Behind” launch party February 12, 2016, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., at the OneOhOne Gallery in downtown Mesa, 101 W. Main Street Mesa, Ariz.